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Welcome to our New Zealand Travel Blog DownsideUP

This blog is dedicated to inform and inspire you on all things to do with New Zealand and Australia. Actually we write posts on anything that’s of interest in the South Pacific (our home) DownsideUP was started in 2008, so there is plenty of interesting content to inspire you to visit us Down Under.  

The Old Boys
Brent Narbey
Submitted by
Brent Narbey

Who are we…

Lost in the Sahara and low on water, arrested in Zaire for spying (Long Story) or unashamedly stuck in an unpronounceable airport with not a penny to thy name. The industry can put you in some interesting situations and teach you a trick or two, including the power of a bit of local knowledge. We have owned and operated an African safaris company, set up a dive training school in the in the Middle East and founded an adventure centre in the UK.

Brent Narbey
Submitted by
Brent Narbey

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