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We love this country and that’s why we live here! Our New Zealand team of friendly Travel Professionals have been creating holidays since 2001 – and we are pretty good at it! So if you want an unforgettable holiday, that not only surpasses your expectations but also eliminates all the guessing and hard work, then talk to one of our team today – We are there with you all the way!

Read our reviews and find out why our guests just love what we do!

Elizabeth Marshall

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Since graduating from university, Elizabeth has now found her true calling “New Zealand Tourism” Born in the central South Island she has an understandable love for the great outdoors and a true passion when it comes to helping people discover our wonderful Country. Elizabeth takes great pride in ensuring our team has the latest information to showcase the very best New Zealand has to offer and fits in perfectly to run First Light Travel’s Customer Services.   

Emma McCormick

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Emma started her tourism career in the sunny shores of coastal North Queensland. She took some time out for a “short trip” to travel herself and a few years later eventually returned to Auckland where she fell in love with New Zealand’s natural beauty. Now one of her major goals is to walk the Te Araroa trail, which spans the entire length of New Zealand. When she’s not planning amazing holidays as one of our Senior Travel Designers, you can find her outdoors sailing, hiking, biking, diving and finding the best hidden beaches and waterfalls to have a dip in.

Jess Landar

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Originally from the USA, Jess got her first taste of the wonders of New Zealand when she embarked on a road trip back in 2013. Jess fell in love with all things Kiwi so returned for a few further trips over the years in order to explore some more of the hidden gems. Eventually, her heart was captured so much that she decided to settle in Auckland where she now calls home. Jess learnt to perfect her unrivaled customer service whilst working on a luxury superyacht which means that you can be sure you will have an incredible experience with Jess as your Travel Designer.

Michelle Srzich

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Michelle’s love of travel began as an exchange student in the USA back in her teens, and since then she has travelled across the globe and worked in the travel industry for over twenty years. Michelle is very excited to now be back living in New Zealand and promoting this beautiful country as a travel destination.  As a mother of three intrepid young travellers she loves to take her family exploring the wonderful sights and experiences that New Zealand offers.

Daniel Walker

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Daniel graduated from the New Zealand School of Tourism in 2016 with a Diploma in Tourism Business Management. From that moment, Daniel knew that a career in the tourism industry was his future. After returning from the US following a year-long internship with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Daniel settled in the New Zealand inbound tourism sector. The highlight of Daniel’s working day is to help create dream holidays to Aotearoa. Daniel has been working with New Zealand as a destination for over 4 years now, creating anything from luxury to campervan holidays which makes him a great fit for his Travel Designer role here at First Light Travel. 

Narissa Phipps

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Upon completion of her degree in the UK, Narissa embarked on a round the world trip landing in New Zealand for the first time in 2014. Falling in love with the endless natural beauty and kiwi culture she now proudly calls New Zealand home. Using her unique experience as both a tourist and a local, Narissa now dedicates her time to personally curate the dream itinerary guaranteed to create memories of a lifetime.  

Tracy Anderson

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Like many Kiwis, Tracy had to travel the world and live abroad in order to truly appreciate the beauty of New Zealand. Ever since her realisation of just how spectacular New Zealand is, Tracy has dedicated her working life to sharing her passion for The Land of the Long White Cloud, including 10 years as a Virtuoso Travel Agent in the USA. Tracy has an excellent reputation for creating bespoke, luxury itineraries that go above and beyond. Tracy is one of First Light Travel’s most experienced Senior Travel Designers so you can absolutely trust her to create and execute your dream trip.

Nigel Williamson

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Nigel has also been involved in tourism for over twenty years. Working as a tour guide in Africa, Nigel literally enjoyed it so much that he decided to run the company - becoming the London based Operations Manager. After completing his MBA and spending three years as a Management Consultant, Nigel felt it was time to get back to the good life - travel!

Aimee Riach

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Aimee is a budding young Kiwi adventurer who has explored a great deal of New Zealand. Growing up, the school holidays were always spent on a road trip with her family. Her parents being avid travelers, inspired her love of the tourism industry, which lead her to study a Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree. Aimee’s drive for the business and logistics side of things makes her a great fit as our Product Assistant. Aimee spends all her free time tramping, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, practically doing anything in New Zealand’s spectacular outdoors! Next on her bucket list is to spend a day diving the Poor Knights Islands.

Natalie te Dorsthorst

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Natalie is a born and bred Kiwi who grew up on the tropical island of Waiheke. From a young age she loved exploring New Zealand so a career dedicated to helping others discover Aotearoa’s amazing beauty was a natural progression. With over 20 years in the industry, you can be sure Natalie will take excellent care of your travel arrangements in her Guest Services role. When she is not at work, you can find her sipping on the family wine at their relaxing beach bach.

Steve Taylor

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After 4 years running other peoples trucks, Steve established his own successful African overland safari company, overseeing operations and logistics between London and some of the most challenging terrain in travel that there is. In 2003, twenty one years later, Stephen returned to New Zealand and is now using his expertise as First Light Travel's Operations Manager.

Anne Baumscheiper

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A seasoned travel professional originating from Germany, Anne loves New Zealand’s fascinating landscapes and can’t decide which area has impressed her the most (so far) – Abel Tasman and the West Coast are definitely on the top list as well as Cape Reinga. Loving city life and the great outdoors  she can be found all over the place  when she is not in the office. Her biggest adventure here in New Zealand so far was learning how to dive and caving the “Lost World”. 

Shirin Hutcheson

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I migrated to NZ in 2002 from India to complete my Diploma in Travel & Tourism. I lived in Sydney Australia for the last 4 years and returned to NZ in 2016. I have travelled to USA/Europe and also within India & NZ extensively. Living and working in NZ & Australia I have always loved travelling and love visiting local farmer markets its something I enjoy most during my travels as we get to meet the locals, taste local food and also helps me feed my hunger for food photography. It gives me great satisfaction to work within this industry. 

Brent Narbey

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Brent has been involved in tourism for over twenty years. He owned an agency in London for 7 years (Global Connect Travel) running `high end' adventure tours in East Africa and diving holidays in the Red Sea, along with other activities and destinations around the world. Currently attempting to mountain bike all the back country tracks he can find and living to tell the tale!

Telesia Fonoti

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Born and raised in Auckland, Telesia is of Samoan descent and entered the Travel Industry straight out of high school. Kicking off her travel career 20+ years ago, Telesia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role as Product Manager. Telesia has travelled across the globe to exotic and fascinating destinations and loves to explore different cultures. The ‘travel bug’ is definitely real as a getaway each year is always on the cards. Telesia therefore knows the important of sourcing the right product for our customers so we know this task is in very capable hands.

Suzie Thorp

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Suzie is a proud Kiwi who has travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand and is still awestruck by the beauty and range of activities on offer. With fifteen years previously in the wine industry, and a ‘foodie’ by nature, she has a wealth of insider hot tips on how best to savour New Zealand. Is happiest sitting in a hot tub with a spectacular view following an epic hike, and sipping on a craft beer.

Michelle Perrin

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Born and bred in New Zealand Michelle loves to travel and believes in the saying, “Don't leave home until you've seen the country”.  She has travelled the length and breadth of NZ, in the early years by motorbike but more recently has traded her bike for a Campervan.  Her favourite holiday involves meeting the locals and finding a beach or bush walk to enjoy the joys of nature and then discussing all of the above over a wine at the end of the day.  After having worked in the IT industry for 30 years Michelle now focuses on making First Light Travel's systems even better.

Judith Pohn

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Judith comes from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In 2004 she set out on a world trip, visiting all continents and finally arriving in New Zealand. After an 8 month road trip, claiming to have travelled every road at least once, she decided to stay in what she believes is the most beautiful country in the world. Judith says living here still feels like one continuous holiday - as soon as she steps outside, or even glances out a window!

Dmitry Piven

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Dmitry has been in travel industry since 1992. He started out in Russia as a guide for American travellers. In 2004 Dmitry finally settled in New Zealand. Since this time he has explored every corner of the country, either with clients or with his own family. Fishing, caving, rafting, walking, quad biking and doing the world’s highest bungee (134m) are amongst the activities he enjoys most.

Anatholy Pangan

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Anatholy’s vast experiences in the hospitality industry makes him a perfect fit for his accounts role at First Light Travel.  Being in the tourism industry for more than a decade in Dubai, the middle east tourism capital of the world.  Anatholy also loves travelling and has travelled in some countries in Asia like Thailand, Hongkong, China and Philippines and would now want to explore the beautiful New Zealand and Australia.  He believes that everybody needs a break from work and travelling is one of the most enjoyable and an unwinding escape from a busy work place.

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