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First Light Travels off setting scheme

With offices in Queenstown and Arrowtown, it was an obvious fit for us to support the Arrowtown Choppers, a community-driven environmental volunteer group. This dedicated group focuses on removing wilding pines above Arrowtown, the 'Choppers' also reintroduce native Beech, Ribbonwood, and Totara trees to enhance local biodiversity. We proudly sponsor the Arrowtown Community Tree Nursery, providing funding and native tree seedlings to support their vital mission.

Director First Light Travel Planting Tree's

Both First Light Travel and New Zealand Trails are deeply committed to this cause through volunteering, financial contributions, and support for the nursery. Each native seedling has a cost of approximately $5. This year, we donated NZ$10,000 (planting 3,333 trees) and volunteered significant labor.

Thanks to this grassroots effort, we can plant a tree for NZ$5 (US$3). So for just a round (or two) of craft beer, the unofficial currency of Kiwis, (which translates to around US$9), we can help offset your round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Auckland!

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Join us on the journey of reducing our environmental footprint.

First Light Travel and our sister company New Zealand Trails are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Our carbon measurement and offset program to date has allowed us to plant over 3000 native Beech trees.

Whilst it is a long term strategy (yep trees will outlive us all), A mature Beech tree (Nothofagus species) can store around 22 kg of CO2 annually.

You can opt-in and help for as little as $NZ5pp (US$3) - or not, it's ok, we are going to do it anyway. This year we donated $NZ10.000 (that's 3,333 trees) and volunteered a lot of labor - and we intend to do better next and every other year.

Interested to find out more about First Light Travels Sustainability focus?

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Brent Narbey
Brent Narbey
: 10 Nov 2023 (Last updated: 17 Jul 2024)

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