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Have you got your heart set on a New Zealand honeymoon and you’re looking for a New Zealand honeymoon travel agent you can trust? Don’t worry, we get it – and we’ve also got it.  

From finding you the most romantic wilderness escape to arranging for champagne upon arrival, First Light Travel will make your dream New Zealand honeymoon a reality!


Honeymooners with First Light Travel

If you’re looking for the best New Zealand honeymoon travel agent, then it’s hard to go past the Travel Designers at First Light Travel

First Light Travel leads the way in creating personalized New Zealand honeymoon packages.

They are the highest rated Online Travel Agency for New Zealand and the South Pacific region, and they have over 20 years experience in creating couples’ dream honeymoons in New Zealand. 

First Light Travel’s New Zealand honeymoon travel agent service:

How does it work?

Whether you’re ready to start planning your honeymoon right now, or simply curious to ask more about it, you can start by reaching out to First Light Travel’s specialist New Zealand honeymoon team by making an enquiry

Within 24 hours, you’ll have a response from one of their expert New Zealand Honeymoon Travel Designers, who will begin working with you on planning your ideal New Zealand honeymoon. This travel advisor will be personally assigned to you throughout the entire process. You can ask or discuss anything directly with them, from which breathtaking places you might want to visit, what unforgettable New Zealand experiences you might want to see or do, what kind of accommodation you would like to stay in, how much you would like to spend on your honeymoon, et cetera et cetera. 

Quad biking

From that information, your FLT travel advisor will help you put together the ideal package for your honeymoon. You can take advantage of First Light Travel’s powerful Enigma travel booking software system – plus FLT’s direct partnerships with thousands of New Zealand travel products and operators – to help you find the most up-to-date, accurate information and pricing.

Only once you are 100% satisfied that you have the perfect, most romantic, most relaxing or most exciting New Zealand honeymoon itinerary that you want, will First Light Travel take a small deposit and begin taking care of all the bookings and arrangements for you. Until that point, their service comes with no obligation, and it is totally free of charge. 

From that point on, your travel advisor will stay with you throughout the rest of the process. So you can forget any stress about honeymoon planning, and either focus on the wedding or just look forward to your trip!

Honeymoon photoshoot in Queenstown

Why choose First Light Travel to book your New Zealand honeymoon?


First Light Travel gives their couples a balance between being immediately present and operating “behind the scenes”. You can choose for them to be as involved in or independent from your honeymoon planning as you like. 

If you already know what you want to do and where you want to stay, and you just want somebody to take care of all your transport, activity and accommodation bookings while enjoying your New Zealand honeymoon, then First Light Travel can arrange everything.

Alternatively, if you want some expert advice, guidance, insider tips, and suggestions from local New Zealanders who are passionate and knowledgeable about their country, then you can ask First Light Travel’s NZ honeymoon specialists for their input and suggestions at any time. You can even change your itinerary as you go, once you’re already here.

We provide 24/7 Support!

From the early stages of enquiring about your New Zealand honeymoon to savoring the fading lights of your final South Pacific sunset, First Light Travel can be involved in your honeymoon as much or as little as you like.

Unlike other NZ honeymoon travel agents, First Light Travel views their honeymoon and vacation planning process as a two-way interaction. They listen to couples about what they want, first, in order to ensure an incredibly high rate of customer satisfaction (you can read verified reviews from couples on this page, or by reading on below).

As well as being attentive and adaptable to specific couples’ requests, FLT are also on hand to provide expert knowledge or suggestions, if required. After all, they are the experts in New Zealand travel, not you! So it’s okay to ask for help or advice. Your NZ honeymoon travel agent will be personally contactable for you, any time, via phone, email or live online chat. So if you have any questions or concerns about where to go, how long to stay, how much to budget, or anything else, don’t worry – they are there to help.

On that note: FLT provides constant support throughout both the booking process and for the duration of your honeymoon. So even after you arrive in New Zealand, your travel advisor will be on call for you 24/7 should you need them, or should you want to make alterations throughout your trip. 

Variety: Your Itinerary will be as unique as you are!

Unlike other New Zealand honeymoon travel agents, First Light Travel doesn’t prescribe a rigid, pre-set honeymoon itinerary that you have to fit yourselves into. Instead, they offer bespoke honeymoon itineraries, catered to the preferences of each individual couple. Better yet, their expertise and extensive network of partners in the New Zealand travel industry allows you the variety to enjoy a huge range of different activities, destinations, and accommodation options in one single itinerary. 

That means you don’t have to take an “all or nothing” approach, choosing either this OR that. You can indulge in luxury at some points of your itinerary and opt for rustic accommodation at others. You can stay put in one place for a week and then visit five different destinations the next. You can relax by the beach on some days and have adrenaline-fuelled adventures on others.

In this way, each New Zealand honeymoon package booked with First Light Travel is utterly unique, catered and curated to the tastes of each individual couple. 

Still, if you would like a general idea on what different versions of a New Zealand honeymoon itinerary might look like, then First Light Travel already has a number of suggested NZ honeymoon itinerary packages. You can either take their word for it and book one of these now; or you can take these as a suggested starting point, to be customized and catered to what you two see as your own dream New Zealand honeymoon:

South Island honeymoon Lauren & Phillip

Quality Assurance

First Light Travel is one of New Zealand’s only travel agencies to attain the prestigious Qualmark Gold Award, which recognises only the very best sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand. Perhaps more importantly for you, though, they have been designing perfect New Zealand honeymoons together with couples for over 20 years. 

If you’d rather take their word for it, here are what some of those couples have said about their experience planning a New Zealand honeymoon with First Light Travel: 

First Light Travel: New Zealand Honeymoon Travel Agent

Verified Customer Reviews

Patrick Ross and Kelly Keefe (USA)

“First Light Travel did an AMAZING job planning the perfect honeymoon. They listened to us describe our favorite activities and goals for the trip, and planned the perfect combination of fun, relaxation, and adventure. It was such a perfect trip and First Light made it easy!”

Paul Morimoto and Kelli Zmiarovich (Hawaii)

“We only had ten days to spend in New Zealand for our belated honeymoon and First Light Travel did an amazing job of getting everything we wanted to see and do in, without making it feel like we would need a vacation after our vacation. We plan to visit again, and will absolutely use First Light Travel again!”

Lani & Stone (USA)

“We had a fantastic honeymoon thanks to Michelle! She worked with us to personalize it to our wants within budget. Michelle was also great about making sure all vendors knew we were on our honeymoon. Most of our hotels had champagne waiting for us. We will definitely be turning to First Light again in the future!”

Alexander and Sarah Law (UK)

“Shelley was absolutely fantastic from the moment we got in touch. She planned an amazing honeymoon for us touring around beautiful New Zealand, it was fantastic and so stress free knowing that everything was taken care of. All of the accommodation was great and we stayed in some places we’d never have found ourselves. If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, I couldn’t recommend First Light highly enough!”

Kathryn Zell & Johnathan Longo (USA)

“The whole trip was a dream, not only because NZ has been on the top of our "must-visit" list for ages, but also because FLT made the whole process so seamless and easy. First Light travel really caters to everything you want, and makes planning a trip so, so easy! I would definitely work with First Light again and would recommend them to anyone traveling to the South Pacific.”

Kathryn Zell NZ Honeymoon

Martin Kocian and Sharon Boon (Czech Republic)

“First Light Travel did a great job planning our 5 week honeymoon to New Zealand! Our advisor, Michelle, was very knowledgeable and helpful in creating a tailored itinerary for us. We had a wonderful time and even when the unexpected happened, First Light refunded any cancelled activities and had an alternative itinerary ready. Thank you for making our honeymoon exceptional! We would highly recommend to anyone looking to tour NZ!”

Sook and Fern Mok (Singapore)

“What I found great about First Light Travel was that it took the hassle of planning itineraries and booking out of our hands and into the company's capable hands. We had a lovely honeymoon to New Zealand planned by Melissa, a senior travel consultant. From the get go, she was very responsive and accurate with information. We simply let her know which activities we wanted to attend and what kind of accommodation we wanted, and she planned an entire itinerary for us. Thank you, First Light Travel, for a wonderful honeymoon. We will cherish these memories for a long time to come!”

Chirs & Jill (Buffalo, New York USA)

“This was the best experience of our life. First Light Travel helped to make our honeymoon one of a kind. From the relaxing days on Hahei Beach to the adventurous hiking through Tongariro National Park and bungy jumping off Kawarau bridge in Queenstown, they helped to make every day hit a highpoint!”

Melissa Orta & Justin Durkin (USA)

“First Light Travel was amazing from start to finish. Christine was so helpful while she came up with the perfect itinerary for our honeymoon in New Zealand. If I had a question during the trip I knew she would be able to get back to me quickly. We had such a wonderful experience with the itinerary that she created for us!”

New Zealand honeymoon planning: further reading and find out more

If you’re still wondering whether New Zealand is the right choice for your honeymoon – or you have decided, but would just like to find out a bit more – then First Light Travel has a treasure trove of articles dedicated to planning a honeymoon in New Zealand, which you can read on their dedicated New Zealand Honeymoon blog, here:

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First Light Travel New Zealand honeymoon travel agent:

Next steps - Start Planning Now!

If you like the sound of the service that First Light Travel offers, then the process for planning your perfect New Zealand honeymoon starts by making a simple enquiry to their NZ honeymoon team. They will respond within a few days and assign a designated NZ honeymoon expert to you, so you can start discussing and planning your itinerary together.

As renowned New Zealand honeymoon travel agents, you can feel your honeymoon is in safe hands with First Light Travel. So you can get back to planning the wedding, and enjoying the romantic trip of a lifetime afterwards!

David Mckenzie
David Mckenzie
: 3 Jan 2024 (Last updated: 8 Feb 2024)

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