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NZ Honeymoon

New Zealand’s secluded, exotic landscapes are romantic at the best of times, but in winter, the honeymoon romance here really comes alive.

New Zealand Honeymoon Destination

Your honeymoon is one of the most wonderful times in your life; a time of intimacy and creating epic life-long memories together.

New Zealand’s secluded, exotic landscapes are romantic at the best of times, but in winter, the romance here really comes alive.

A sunset seems more vivid as you cozy beneath a blanket on the secluded beach; the stars seem brighter when you’re star-gazing from a steaming mineral pool; the view from atop a mountain pass seems more intense when the snow-capped peaks contrast with an emerald rainforest.

Here are five reasons to choose a New Zealand Honeymoon package during winter for your honeymoon

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Beat the summer crowds

A honeymoon is for indulging in plenty of alone time together, so why share it with large numbers of strangers? On a New Zealand winter honeymoon, the summer crowds are nowhere to be seen so finding charming places to be alone together requires no effort at all. Intimately experience world-famous attractions - the geothermal paradise of Rotorua, take a boat cruise in the Bay of Islands or the World Heritage wonder of Milford Sound – without the crowds of high season.

Hanmer Hotpools

Paradise for snow bunnies

Is your type of romance cuddling up on the couch, in front of a log-burning fire after an exciting day on the slopes? If so, New Zealand is dotted with wonderful ranges and world-class powder come winter. Our South Island features some of the best ski resorts in New Zealand, as well as off-piste intimate activities. Shred the slopes surrounded by vistas of azure lakes and mountain peaks by day, and soak in mineral pools beneath a star-studded sky by night. 

shi holiday New Zealand

Cool, crisp sunny days

Don’t worry about missing out on anything while on your New Zealand winter honeymoon. We are lucky in New Zealand to have a pretty mild climate. That means most places stay open year round and being outdoors during the winter is possible and, most importantly, pleasurable. On a clear, sunny winter’s day, you might like to take a refreshing day hike on one of many of New Zealand’s walking tracks, or kayak to islands just off the coast – New Zealand is a year-round destination, and there’s plenty to do at all times of the year.

Hot Tub Honeymoon

No high season prices

As the temperatures drops in New Zealand, so do the prices. This is great news for those honeymooning in winter. Weddings are beautiful and filled with love and fun but they sure are expensive, so saving money on a New Zealand winter honeymoon could give you more options – upgrade to that five-star ridge-top retreat for a couple of nights, extend your honeymoon for another week or wine and dine at a different top-notch restaurant each night. 

winter Heli Hike

Winter weather adds to New Zealand’s dreamy scenery

Winter calls for dramatic weather and, when you add that to the already dramatic New Zealand scenery, you mother nature at her most impressive. Torrential rain transforms a trickle of water to a great, cascading waterfall; a blanket of snow softens a stark volcanic environment; lingering mist creates a feeling of mystery amidst a deep, dark fiord. New Zealand in winter is a special place, best experienced with your special person.

Great Winter Scenery

Has a New Zealand winter honeymoon captured your heart? Here at First Light Travel, we know New Zealand like the back of our hand and have the knowledge to craft a tailor-made New Zealand winter honeymoon like no other. Contact Us Today to chat about how we can help you craft the itinerary of your dreams.

Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas

Less than 7 days 
Maximise your time by focusing on one island. 
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8-14 days 
Fly and drive: break up your journey with flights between major cities and between the North and South Island 
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15-21 days 
Plenty of time for a leisurely road trip adventure covering New Zealand's best-loved locations, or for exploring one island in depth. 
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21+ days 
Enjoy New Zealand from top to bottom, and discover hidden gems that are too far off the beaten path for most visitors. 
Spoil yourselves even further with a few days with a Pacific Island getaway to break up your journey home! 
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We believe that the best New Zealand honeymoon itinerary will be as unique as you are. It's the itinerary that fits your timeframe and includes everything you wish to do and see.  To get your very own, custom itinerary please enquire here and we'll get back to you within 24 hours


Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
: 26 Mar 2018 (Last updated: 8 Jun 2023)

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