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New Zealand bird, smartest on planet

The New Zealand Kea, the world's only alpine parrot is known as the 'Clown of the Alps' to South Islanders; and has recently been heralded as the world’s smartest bird (its intelligence rivals a monkey’s) says the Institute of Cognitive Biology in Vienna.

The cheeky Kea, so called by the call of 'ke-aa' ringing through the air is deeply evocative of New Zealand's Southern Alps. Kea (Nestor notabilis) are parrots and are infamous on our South Island tramping tracks for their insatiable (and deconstructive) inquisitiveness.

Cheeky Smart Kea

David Attenborough narrates this documentary about the Kea, Playful and destructive, it attacks cars, starts landslides and terrorises New Zealand ski resorts, but behind the bad behaviour there's a sharp mind at work. David tries to play chess with a Kea and discovers how its cheeky character is the key to its survival.

Some New Zealand's believe this bird should replace the Kiwi as our national symbol.


Click on the Image below to see the BBC - Kea Raid

If you would like to see the 'Cheeky Kea' while holiday in New Zealand, just follow the link and answer a few brief questions   and we will send you a no obligation, personalised itinerary.

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Brent Narbey
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Brent Narbey
: 10 Feb 2012 (Last updated: 4 Jan 2019)

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