New Zealand's New Travel Rules - All you need to know


If you're visiting New Zealand from the UK, USA or Europe (or one of 60 other countries), you will need to obtain the new NZeETA before you travel. Here's a look into what an NZeTA is, and, will you need one? 

Important New Travel Rules for New Zealand

Introducing the new NZeTA

So what exactly is an NZeTA and what does it do? 

  • "NZ" is short for New Zealand (naturally)
  • "eTA" is short for electronic Travel Authority

In short, the NZeTA is an electronic document which confirms that you meet the official requirements to enter New Zealand for a holiday. If you are eligible, this will mean you can visit our country without a visa.

Sounds familiar? The USA & Canada have a similar system.
If you have visited the USA or Canada on holiday recently, you may have applied for an ESTA or ETA before you travelled. The NZeTA is much the same thing.

NZ Visa

Who will need the NZeTA?

Citizens of a Visa Waiver Country
There are 60 countries who have a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand.

Citizens of all 60 visa waiver countries will need an NZeTA for New Zealand holidays lasting less than 3 months.

The following are visa waiver countries:

Andorra                     Finland                    Lithuania (citizens only)                    San Marino 
ArgentinaFranceLuxembourgSaudi Arabia
AustriaGermanyMacau (with a Macau Special Administration Region Passport)Seychelles
BelgiumHong Kong (residents with HKSAR & British Nationals with Overseas passports only)MaltaSlovak Republic
ChileItalyNorwayTaiwan (Permenant Resident)
CroatiaJapanOmanUnited Arab Emirates
CyprusKorea (South)PolandUnited Kingdom (with UK/British passport) 
Czech Republic   KuwaitPortugal (with right of permanent abode in Portugal)United States
DenmarkLatvia (citizens only)  QatarUruguay
Estonia (citizens only)LiechtensteinRomaniaVatican City

Staying longer than 3 months? Visit Immigration New Zealand to find out which visa you need.

Cruise Ship Passengers
If you visit New Zealand on a cruise, you will need an NZeTA

Transit passengers
If you are transiting (changing planes) to a final destination, you will need an NZeTA - even if you won't be leaving the airport.

Who DOESN'T need an NZeTA?
1. New Zealand and Australian Citizens do not require a NZeTA.

2. If you are a citizen of a non-Visa Waiver Country, such as India or China, you won't need the NZeTA -  but you will need to apply for a visitor visa online or via your embassy.

By now you will have figured out if the NZeTA is for you, so let's look at how to get one.

ETA Countries

How to apply for the NZeTA

Get your NZeTA by filling out an online application form. It only takes a few minutes. Here's how to apply:

1. Fill out the NZeTA New Zealand form
You can do this:

Beware of fake visa websites: only apply via the official government links above!
Watch out for fake visa websites offering to help with your NZeTA application: these sites can look very convincing. Claiming to offer a faster processing service (which isn't possible), these companies try to charge you up to 10 times the cost. Protect yourself by applying the Immigration New Zealand links above instead.

2. Pay the NZeTA application fee
The fee is payable by credit or debit card

3. Receive your NZeTA
Your NZeTA will arrive via email

Filling out the New Zealand eTA Application Form
The application form will ask you for the following information:

- full name
- address
- date of birth
- passport details
- details of your travel plans
- some health and security questions

Good to know: your travel agent can help you apply
You can ask your travel agent to help you apply. You'll need to show them your passport and answer the health and security questions.

How much does the NZeTA cost?
There's a small processing fee for the NZeTA, and the price depends on how you apply.

- Applying via the app: $9 NZD
- Applying via the website: $12 NZD

So now you have your NZeTA, what do you do with it?

New Zealand Coat of Arms

What to do when you arrive in New Zealand

Go through Passport Control as normal
When you arrive into New Zealand at the airport, you will present evidence of your eTA to the border authorities along with your passport. 

Enjoy shorter airport queues (hopefully!)
eTAs will improve border security as visitors will be screened before they arrive. This should mean faster processing times and less queueing when you are tired after a long flight.

International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL)

New Zealand's tourism tax
$35 NZD per person 

It's called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). 

You will arrange your IVL and NZeTA at the same time
To keep things simple, you will be charged for the IVL when paying for your NZeTA - it's all done in the same transaction.

Summing it up: What to do before you travel

1. Submit your New Zealand eTA application online
Application forms are available now via the Department of Immigration website

2. Pay your visa fee (and IVL tourist tax if it applies to you)
Remember: the $35NZD IVL charge will be applied automatically if you are eligible.

3. Wait for your eTA to arrive via email
And don't forget to bring evidence of it with you when you travel.

Final Tip: Apply early for your visa!
The NZeTA process should be hassle-free: it could be granted in as little as 10 minutes after you apply. 

BUT: it's best to submit your form at least 72 hours before you travel.

Why? If there are any hiccups, you'll need time to fix them. if you arrive in New Zealand without a valid visa, you could be refused entry. Nobody wants that to happen!

Get your NZeTA nice and early, when you make your initial travel arrangements. Then you can relax and look forward to a sensational holiday.

And if you need help planning your New Zealand dream holiday,  we have an awesome free Itinerary Planning Service to get you started!

Some More Great Visa Resources 
Our New Zealand Passport and Visa Requirements page is packed with useful advice for travellers from any country.

Apply for your NZeTA on the Immigration New Zealand website - you'll find the latest pricing and entry requirements here too.

Waiting for your visa to arrive? Check the status of your NZeTA here.


Marianne Davies
: 7 Aug 2019 (Last updated: 7 Mar 2022)

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