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The Old Boys

Who are we…

Lost in the Sahara and low on water, arrested in Zaire for spying (Long Story) or unashamedly stuck in an unpronounceable airport with not a penny to thy name. The industry can put you in some interesting situations and teach you a trick or two, including the power of a bit of local knowledge. We have owned and operated an African safaris company, set up a dive training school in the in the Middle East and founded an adventure centre in the UK. Now, we are celebrating our 17th year of bringing people into the South Pacific with our company. –  So you’re right in guessing we are passionate about what we do.  

What this blog is about

Life’s far too short for bad wine or bad holidays. You can contact Suzie here at First Light Travel if you want advice with your wine selection when travelling Down Under, but if you’re interested in time-tested advice that will stand you in good stead when travelling, then read on   We review both new and well established experiences to give you an idea of what’s not just OK but what’s actually GREAT, after all, you may only be up in the South Pacific once. We want you to make the most of it, so you will want to come back time and time again!

The Old Boys

We are Brent Narbey and Nigel Williamson and we started First Light Travel and Unbelievably we are now considered to be the old boys around this establishment - The cheek of it!

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Brent Narbey
Brent Narbey
: 20 Dec 2008 (Last updated: 17 Mar 2020)

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