Joelle and Dylan Tie the Knot in New Zealand


On my and my husband's first date, I asked him where the one place is he always wanted to go. He said: New Zealand. 

Stunned I told him that was my top choice too, and we both had this desire to feel connected to nature and people there. -

So guess where we got Married!

Marries in New Zealand !

When we were deciding on our wedding, we opted for small and intimate with a few family and friends and decided we wanted to have that wedding in New Zealand. 

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We planned for a year and a half. I tracked flights and found deals for friends and family and we booked a large Airbnb for them to stay at for a few nights.

Best decision we ever made. Not only was New Zealand the most beautiful place we’ve ever been. The people were unparalleled and we got so much more for our U.S dollar.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams

lake Pukaki

**Travel info. For those of you asking, here’s how we did it:

Budget, budget, budget. My dad gave us $12k for our wedding and the rest was up to us to budget and save. Venus in the U.S. we’re like $10-$20k alone so we knew that was out. We also knew we loved the scenery and wanted to travel.

We got 30% more for the USD in NZ so the prices were less for us.

We tracked flights and set up notifications for when they went on sale. Instead of booking flights into NZ we found it was cheaper to book into Australia. So we actually had a pre-honeymoon travel route throughout AUS and NZ South Island.

We got roundtrip flights for $700 vs $1500 because we flew into Aus.

I also set up tracking for a few friends and family members so we could notify them when prices dropped. Our friends got the same deal we did and flew out of Dallas which was 3 hours from where we lived in Louisiana.

Romantic New Zealand

We knew our family/ friends would be spending a lot on flights so we wanted to help them make the trip worthwhile and a little more affordable. We booked a large Airbnb villa for them all to stay in for three nights and the rest of the trip was up to them.

For the travel part: We gave a budget to a travel agency called First Light Travel that’s native to Australia and New Zealand. The travel agency gets paid by local hotels, excursions, etc so you don’t pay for the work they do. They also know the land and how to find the best deals etc. So they got us around Australia and then to NZ for the wedding.

I told them a few places we wanted to go and they sent me an itinerary, I revised it and they sent another so that took out a huge amount of time for me.

First Light Travel

For the wedding, When I was googling New Zealand weddings I stumbled upon some photos in the mountains. Those are by a company called Heili flight if I remember correctly. I found out this estate called Stoneridge does package deals with the Heili flight.

I booked the estate’s Remembrance package which included the reception dinner and then paid for some floral add-ons separately.

The package is like 20k or something, but we didn’t pay that amount because that was in NZ dollars. We paid $12k or something. The total trip was around $20k for three weeks of travel, an Airbnb for our family for 3 nights, our wedding, little reception shared appetizers in town, flights for us, and we traveled all across NZ and Aus.

Sooooo worth It!

Joelle Moorman and Dylan Cullimore - USA

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Elizabeth Marshall
: 1 Mar 2022 (Last updated: 8 Jun 2023)

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