It's time to book your 2023/24 trip to New Zealand (and here's why)

book your New Zealand Holiday now

Why should you book your NZ holiday now?

In short: so you don't miss out!

And there are 3 main reasons for this:

1) Pent-up Demand 

With Covid vaccinations happening around the world, and a potential reopening of the New Zealand border for safe countries in July 22, that have high vaccinations and there are safe travel corridors, a LOT of people thinking the same thing that you are: that they deserve a holiday after the year we have had.

2) Postponed bookings

 A LOT of travellers - potentially hundreds of thousands - were forced to abandon their New Zealand holiday plans, and many of them  have rebooked their trips for 2023.

That's right - some people have already had their 2023 New Zealand booking in place for months. To get the best choice of accommodation, you'll want to book earlier rather than later.

3) New Zealand's low-risk Covid reputation 

Thanks to our swift response to the virus, and strict quarantine rules, New Zealand continues to be one of the countries least affected by Covid-19. So we are pretty high on many people's travel wish-lists at the moment!

What kind of New Zealand holiday should I take and why?

Thanks to Covid, we're all taking more precautions than we did a year ago to look after our health. So you might be thinking more carefully about the kind of accommodation you're comfortable staying in, and your safest transport options for getting around New Zealand.

Luckily we offer a variety of options, each with their own advantages. We have summed them up for you here. We have even included some of our favourite itineraries, all of which can be customised to suit you perfectly.

New Zealand Self Drive Holidays:  The perfect road trip

Why a self-drive holiday? 

  • Your holiday, your way - work with our Travel Specialists to create your dream New Zealand self-drive itinerary, planned to your exact specifications.
  • Travel at your own pace - since you're not part of a tour group, you can make the itinerary as action-packed or as relaxed as you like!
  • Get off the beaten track - in your own vehicle, you can get to places where the crowds and big coaches can't.

Covid Considerations

Independent self-drive holidays give you control over where you go, and what makes you feel safe and comfortable. Smaller hotels or bed-and-breakfasts only? We'll arrange it. Sanitised, air-conditioned vehicles? Absolutely. On-road advice and support available from our Travel Specialists 24/7? It's a promise.

Try this itinerary: New Zealand Grand Tour Self-Drive

Escorted New Zealand Coach Tours - Everything's taken care of

Why an Escorted Coach Tour of New Zealand?

  • Travel in armchair comfort, with all the driving and planning done for you.
  • Make new friends with your travel-loving coachmates (great if you're travelling solo)

Covid Considerations 

Does riding on a luxury coach with people you don't know seem scary? 

Rest assured: reputable coach tour companies (and we only work with those) have put a huge amount of work into making their New Zealand guided trips as safe as they can possibly be.

Keen to know more? Our luxury coach tour partner Grand Pacific outlines its traveller protection measures on its Staying Healthy On Tour page.

Try this itinerary: Ultimate New Zealand Rail, Cruise and Coach Tour

New Zealand Motorhome / Campervan holidays: Your home-away-from-home on wheels

Why take a Campervan Tour of New Zealand? 

  • Wake up to some of the best views in the world at your doorstep - literally - every single day.
  • Super convenient: you only need to unpack once for the entire trip!
  • Be spontaneous: there's no need to check out of your accommodation by 10 am, or to stay in a location if the weather is bad - so you can really maximise the amount of time you spend enjoying New Zealand's best bits at your own pace.

Covid Considerations 

With a motorhome, you're in complete control of your environment. 

For the entire trip, you can cook in your own kitchen, sleep in the same bed, or use public bathrooms. Your mobile home-away-from-home is exclusively used by you. 

This is ideal if you're nervous about changing venues every day! And, of course, it's brilliant fun.

Try this: 25 Day New Zealand Motorhome Tour

Privately Guided tours of New Zealand - the ultimate bespoke journey

Why a Private Guided NZ Tour?

  • You have the services of a tour guide all to yourself, instead of shared between a large tour group
  • Travelling with a local guide will share fresh insights into the lives of everyday New Zealanders and their country.

Covid Considerations 

Ensuring that you have a relaxing, stress-free journey is second nature for our private driver-guides - Covid safety is simply an extension of this. 

Your guide can amend your itinerary on the fly, and reschedule activities to avoid crowded times. They can keep you stocked up with hand sanitiser, wipe down vehicle surfaces and keep you up to date with the local Covid regulations. 

These may seem like little things, but they'll free your mind up to concentrate on having a good time in New Zealand.

More information: First Light Travel Privately Guided NZ Tours

Why book your upcoming NZ holiday with First Light Travel?

Our Guaranteed Flexibility 

With any holiday booking during these uncertain times, it makes sense to only book if you can change your plans if you need to.

Read more about the First Light Travel Covid Flexibility Promise.

Travel Planning Expertise... 7 days per week 

Our extended days of operation mean we can work with you on your travel plans even on weekends. This means we can respond more quickly to all your queries, and we won't rest until every detail is perfect.

Our Qualmark Gold Award for Excellence 

We're fiercely proud to have achieved the coveted Qualmark Gold rating: this valued NZ award is only given to the best sustainable tourism businesses delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Want more? Here are thirteen good reasons to travel to New Zealand with us

Our Itinerary Planning Service is Completely Free!

First Light Travel’s Itinerary Planning Service doesn’t cost you any more than doing it yourself: we get paid out of commission to the companies we use, so you don’t pay a penny for our assistance when you book with us.

While you're busy getting on with life, First Light Travel will custom-design a bespoke itinerary just for you, an itinerary which:

  • Fits your budget 
  • Blends seamlessly with your timeframe & travel style 
  • Puts your bucket list items front & centre 
  • Offers exceptional, handpicked accommodation to suit your wallet 

We'll work with you to fine-tune the itinerary until you're 100% happy, then take care of every booking and offer 24/7 support while you are exploring our part of the world.

Are you ready? Let's plan your perfect vacation! 

Simply fill out our Enquiry Form and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

And when you do book we have created a Flexibility Promise to make your life easy!

Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
: 15 Feb 2022 (Last updated: 1 Aug 2022)

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