South Island Birding and Wildlife Tour

Birding NZ

South Island Birding and Wildlife Tour

New Zealand is home to some of the rarest and most unique birds on earth. With a stunning backdrop of golden bays, vast wetlands, mountain ranges and ancient forests, you'll travel the full length of the South Island for unforgettable encounters with our best-loved and most endangered species in their natural habitats.

Among the amazing birds you will meet are the world's largest (and drunkest) pigeon, cheeky alpine parrots, shy and retiring hoiho (yellow-crested penguin), operatic Tui, and tiny New Zealand robins who dance around your feet. Complemented with a soundtrack of our incredible songbirds, you'll never want this movie to end.

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Mt Cook

Mike & Carole Epstein

California USA
01 Dec 2022

It was beyond our very high expectations. The hotels were best of all - for location, washer/dryer and restaurant. The B&Bs were all great and the tours were all outstanding. The timing worked out well as the 2 night stays gave a chance to catch our breath. We never got exhausted.

I could have added another day at Mt Cook, another day in Christchurch after the train trip and one more day at the MSocial with its location on the wharf. But that’s not bad planning from California.

We saw saw more birds than we could ever imagined - 4 breeds of penguins, 5 albatross and 2 types of kiwi plus all the others birds too numerous to list

Natalie te Dorsthorst was marvelous and made a great trip on paper turn into a trip of our dreams.

Mike & Carole Epstein - California USA


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