Mohaka River – 3 Day Rafting Itinerary

Mohaka River

Helicopter / Rafting /thermal hot pools

We meet at our base to go over the expedition with you and ensure you have appropriate equipment. We then shuttle to the Helicopter pad. The helicopter will fly us over New Zealand wilderness to our put-in on the Mohaka River (Mangatanguru Confluence). You have lunch while the guides pump and pack the rafts. It is about 2 or 3 hours on the water to the thermal hot pools, and our first campsite. Guides will set up camp and prepare the evening meal. You can swim, fish, tramp, or just relax in the thermal pools.

Mohaka River


Rafting Through the Kaweka Forest

Starts with a hearty breakfast then you are free to relax while the guides dismantle the camp and prepare the rafts. Once packed, we raft down through the Kaweka Forest Park to our next campsite. The scenery changes from mountainous Kaweka forest into exotic forest with occasional farmland. You can go exploring and enjoy some private time while the guides set up camp and cook.

Kaweka Forest


The Final Stretch of the Mohaka

The guides will prepare another delicious breakfast, and then we will continue to the takeout at the State Highway 5 Bridge. Lunch will be provided while guides pack the equipment for the 10 minute ride back to base. If we picked you up from your accommodation, we will drive you back.

The Last Legs of Rafting the Mohaka



  • Fleece shirt
  • Wetsuit and Water shoes
  • Helmet and Lifejacket
  • Splash jackets
  • Tents, sleeping bags, mats 
  • Food
  • Cooking and eating utensils

Ideal for: family groups (children over 7 years), business groups, anglers
and visitors

Health: If you have any medical conditions requiring medication, please bring it with you and inform your guide prior to your trip. 

What Amelia says about this tour: An action packed three day camping, rafting adventure for anyone aged over seven! Helicopter rides, thermal baths, rafting, floating, swimming, fishing and camping. You can also enjoy forest walks and the whole time you are fully guided and supported by experienced outdoor experts.
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