NZ Surfing Regions


It is no wonder Kiwi's are passionate about surfing, our 6,000 km (3,700 mi) of exposed coastline offers some of the most consistent and crowd free surfing in the southern hemisphere. The variety of surf breaks is simply awesome - from clean barrels rolling onto pure white sand beaches on the east coast, to gnarly freight train sets pounding rugged west coast beaches. Check out our 'supertubes' with one kilometre long joy rides at Ahipara and the consistently perfect peelers at our hottest surf spot, Raglan. Experience giant steamrollers and Malibu-style wave sets at Murderer's Bay in Dunedin, as well as velvet-smooth tunnels at Gisborne.


The Coromandel peninsula offers some of the best coastal scenery in the North Island. Only 90 minutes by car from Auckland. The waves are punchy and fun. Good for beginner and old hands.


Venturing up north is and go back in time in New Zealand history. The options for waves is over whelming and  make you feel almost like a grom (young surfer) again. Shipwreck Bay is mind-blowing and worth a visit.


 Just a two-hour drive south of Auckland, is New Zealand's favourite surf town - Raglan! Besides the beautiful scenery the residents of Raglan enjoy a laid-back lifestyle but more importantly its home to New Zealand's internationally known left hand point break.


New Zealand has a huge variety of different surfing breaks. Piha, on Auckland’s west coast, is a Mecca for surfers.


Taranaki is renowned for offering great breaks no matter what the prevailing wind, due to its curving coastline – follow the surf along Surf Highway 45.


Gisborne has numerous surf beaches and is renowned for its easygoing lifestyle. A great place to get out on the water and meet a local. 


The Catlins has many popular surf spots, though you’ll need a wetsuit because the water is cold! - but the waves are big


Kaikoura is the big secret in New Zealand's surfing community. Big waves - but cold water.  

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