Reviews of New Zealand's Culture and Heritage Tour


John & Ruth Cross

06 Nov 2015

The service we received from First Light Travel was excellent and the hard work by Jo Taylor made all the difference. We came to Jo with a blank sheet of paper stating roughly what we would like to do and the type of accommodation we would prefer. Jo came back quickly with an initial plan which, after a few minor changes, became our itinerary. She kindly included our own arrangements, where we were staying with relatives in New Zealand, which made the Itinerary document complete.

We were very happy with the choices that Jo made for us and we had a lovely time.

John & Ruth Cross - England

New Zealand Forest

Cameron and Shannon Poultney

21 Dec 2015

Our trip was perfectly planned, the only thing that let us down was the weather occasionally. So you cant do much better than that!

Awesome Job, Awesome Holiday!

Cameron and Shannon Poultney (Australia)

Feedback from Latvia

Linda Rode

03 Feb 2017

Dear Jo,

Thank you for your e-mail and sorry for my late reply as only today I feel like a normal person after having some bad jetlag and trying to deal with loads of e-mails that appeared here during my vacation. I want to thank you SO MUCH for making my dream come true! It was really above of anything I imagined before. I definitely want to come back to this wonderful country and dig deeper into the history there. My trip schedule organized by you was just perfect! I only wish I would have had more information about the prices in NZ for a solo traveler before starting to organize my trip in order to be more realistic about the planning, as I must admit - it is one of the most expensive countries I visited (maybe Moscow, Singapore and Norway could be in the line), and I have visited 45 countries so far, then probably I would afford myself something more in terms of some accommodations. But it was worth every dollar spent and more! And guess what - while I was affording myself this luxury of 3 weeks vacation (I have never in my life have had such long vacation before), my boss has increased my salary! So it's not true, that you can t have everything.

Once again - thank you so much for letting me have the time of my life!

My best regards,

Linda Rode - Latvia

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