New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Tour


New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Tour

Come and experience the marine mammal watching hotspots on an inspiring New Zealand whale & dolphin tour. You have a chance of encountering ten species of cetaceans; humpback, Bryde's, Southern right, Minke, pilot and sperm whales, and bottlenose, common and Hector's dolphin as well as the world's largest dolphin (the orca) and two species of pinnipeds ( New Zealand fur seal ).

Ever Wanted to Meet Whales and Dolphins in their own Environment?

** All Proceeds from the New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Tour go to The Orca Research Trust.

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Dolphins in New Zealand

Trine and Anna Baumscheiper

17 Feb 2015


Some feedback on the Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari you recommended – WOW! We had a great experience and enjoyed the tour. The guides were awesome and their knowledge was amazing. The Hauraki gulf is so beautiful and the cruise alone was worth it. We saw heaps of dolphins, which was really cool but we were also a little bit disappointed that no whales showed up, but hey ‘them the breaks.

Thanks again

Trine and Anna (Germany)

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