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 Michelle Barl

Michelle Barl

16 Oct 2018

We had an awesome trip with First Light Travel. They helped us a lot with the organization of this fantastic trip. Thanks guys :-)

Michelle Barl  - Germany

Heli Tour

Adriana and Adrian-Mihail Lancovici

30 Jan 2018

This was one of the most beautiful trips ever! Landscapes, climate, clean air, great luminosity, relaxed lifestyle, smiling faces, kindness, approach to life, local architecture, keeping traditions, simplicity and authenticity - all create NZ The accommodations were very good and well located, all bookings and appointments were scheduled perfectly. I thank, consultant Amelia Riwai for her contribution and professionalism organizing this perfect holiday.

Adriana and Adrian-Mihail Lancovici (Romania)

Pancake Rocks

Mark James

29 Feb 2016

I recommend first light travel due to the personnel service you get and the reassuring feeling of having someone to ask questions. Also the professional service and help when something does go wrong. In my case I lost some travel money which was subsequently found and Jo from first light travel sorted out the return of the money to me.

Mark James - England


Diana & Tom Knodt

07 Dec 2016

We were truly blessed to have Jo Taylor handle our arrangements, because there is so much about New Zealand that we didn't know. Add to that the earthquake, and we really felt fortunate to have all of our changes made by a professional person, in short order. Another benefit relates to the attractions and lodgings matching or surpassing our expectations. We went on a glow-worm tour by Waitamo, where we were the only customers on the tour. The guide had worked at the larger place, and his family started their own company to provide more personal service. To add even more to that, the farm that we stayed at had their own glow-worm site, where we walked down a short path, to see them on our own. We had a marvelous time, with the great beauty of New Zealand, the warmth and friendliness of the Kiwis, and having so many details sorted out by Jo. Thanks so much for all that you did!!

Diana & Tom Knodt - USA

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