Reviews of The Full Monty - South to North Experience


Carl Das's - Group from Belgium

05 Mar 2019

We are the Dreamteam from Belgium, a group of 8 traveling together to all parts of the world. After deciding to spend our holidays (almost 4 weeks) in New Zealand we were very happy to work together with a local travel agent. We have chosen for FirstLightTravel as they responded promptly and gave the right information needed. It was very easy to work with them and to book from Belgium. Their choice of accommodation was perfect. Everywhere we checked in either hotel, either booked excursions the service was perfect.

Thanks, Chrissy from First Light Travel to have been able to discover magic New Zealand.

Carl Das Group from Belgium


Walter and Janice Hambley

23 May 2018

Shelley Kirk, our consultant from First Light Travel did an amazing job organizing our 6.5 week trip to New Zealand. We found First Light Travel on the internet and were extremely happy about the product they prepared for us. Shelley solicited lots of information from us and then organized a brilliant trip. We saw more of New Zealand than many Kiwi and had many wonderful experiences. Each day was a new adventure. Everything went off like clockwork and we met other travelers who had experienced lots of hitches. Shelley found us great accommodation, consistently, and there was good variety. When a scheduled outing was cancelled by the provider, Shelley was on top of it and quickly arranged a similar outing in a different city. When we ourselves had to cancel an outing, again Shelley was responsive and took care of it. One of our accommodation hosts commented to us that she liked working with Shelley because of her high level of organization, sending a reminder email the day before a guest was arriving. With the detail provided by First Light Travel, our Lonely Planet guide to New Zealand was superfluous,not needed and of zero help. Thanks so much to Shelley and First Light Travel for organizing a trip of a lifetime, which was a celebration of 50 years of marriage.

Walter and Janice Hambley - Canada


Allen and Geraldine Varner

05 May 2018


Thank you again for a wonderful trip.

I am pleased to provide a review of First Light Travel and their knowledgeable travel agent, Shelly Kirk. My wife and are experienced travelers and our expectations are extremely high. First Light Travel is a boutique travel agency that designs individualized itineraries for discerning travelers. After identification of our travel likes and dislikes a nearly thirty day New Zealand adventure/itinerary was specially prepared by Shelly Kirk (a New Zealand resident). When the travel packet arrived we were impressed with the abundant information as well as the detailed day-to-day specifics. Driving distances, recommended restaurants and special information for each day were detailed and easy to understand. Ms. Kirk designed a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime New Zealand trip as the accommodations, visual sights and specialized side trips were perfectly planned. Because of Shelly Kirk’s attention to detail we saw and experienced the best that New Zealand has to offer. Amazingly we did not experience a single negative experience during our trip. With highest accolades am pleased to recommend First Light Travel and their agent Shelly Kirk to future KIWI travelers. The personal touch and attention to detail is evident as during our trip Shelly Kirk arranged to meet us for lunch to insure our needs were being met. That personal encounter reveals the specialized treatment that one encounters with First Light Travel and Shelly Kirk. Please email me at if you would like additional information.

Again, thank you for a wonderful trip.

Your New Friend.

Allen and Geraldine Varner - USA


Bruce & Carol Oppenheim

04 Apr 2018

I had never used an agent before, but Shelley did a fantastic job getting to know us first via email and then via phone, then putting together a near-perfect itinerary for our 7-week New Zealand road trip adventure! Having our itinerary booked and paid for ahead of time made for a stress-free holiday once we were there. The pacing was just right too — a 3-4 hour drive between each location, then usually staying two or three nights at each accommodation.

Bruce & Carol Oppenheim - USA


Susan Lapham and John McKently

Susan Lapham and John McKently
27 Jan 2015

Hi Verity,

We had the best trip ever!!!!

Our guide, Terry was EXCELLENT! He was so knowledgeable and helpful—a perfect fit for us. We are still basking in the memories of your beautiful country!

Here are a couple of photos—but I took over 1,200, I need time to go through them.

Susan Lapham and John McKently - USA

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