Kayaking the Marlborough Sounds


Marlborough SoundsKayaking the Marlborough Sounds

The waterways of the Sounds are ideal for those sea kayakers that like to explore and enjoy nature. Embark on a mission of discovery and kayak through the beautiful network of sea drowned valleys that form the magical Marlborough Sounds. Boasting 1500km (932 miles) of New Zealand’s coastline,finding a perfect secluded bay to call your own in a kayak is easy. The water can provide a dazzling display of colours in a thousand shades – ranging from the brightest turquoise to the deepest green. The backdrop is a myriad of shades of green, from the overhanging native tree ferns, rata vines and beech trees. 

On any given day, you have a good chance of seeing sting rays and eagle rays, a huge variety of sea birds including cormorants and sometimes little blue penguins, seals, huge starfish and if we are really lucky, even dolphins.

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