Kayaking Regions


Canoes and kayaks (covered canoes) are in our blood, ever since the first people (Māori) came to New Zealand in great ocean-going canoes (or waka) nearly 800 years ago, these simple boats have been seen on our horizons and make up an important part of our culture. We a Nation of Islands and Inland Waterways with more than 600 near shore Islands, 14,000 kilometres (8,700 miles) of coastline and some stunning inland lakes and wilderness rivers just waiting to be explored - its no wonder so many people come here for a New Zealand kayaking holiday.


Be surprised by Auckland’s exceptional natural beauty, just outside of the city you will find volcanic islands, sandy beaches and an abundance of wildlife some of which are no longer on the mainland! 


The Coromandel Peninsula attracts many tourists every year due to its wild and fantastic scenery. Discover the magic with them on a must-do kayaking tour on the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Offering some of the best ocean sea kayaking in New Zealand, the Bay of Islands will keep you under its spell with sheltered waters and its rugged coastline.


The waterways of the Sounds are ideal for those sea kayakers that like to explore and enjoy nature. Embark on a mission of discovery and kayak through the beautiful network of sea drowned valleys that form the magical Marlborough Sounds. 


Abel Tasman National Park is New Zealand's smallest national park and is located in the sunniest region of the country. Within its 23,000 hectares, it houses protected wildlife and some of the most beautiful New Zealand coastlines.


Fiordland is the wildest region of the country, where nature dominates the scene everywhere. This remote and mysterious region attracts thousands of tourists every year, who hike the peaks, cruise the Sounds or fly over the National Park taking in breath-taking views.

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