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The Boat and Skipper

This is a dedicated live-aboard diving the Poor Knights and beyond. RV Acheron is a A 24 metre (79 feet) Kauri built Live-Aboard with four twin-share en-suite cabins, and one twin-share cabin, spacious saloon and well equipped galley. Her covered back deck offers a high level of diving convenience and has been designed to suit the needs of experienced divers and underwater photographers. Her skipper is an experienced Dive Instructor with an intimate knowledge of the Poor Knights Marine Reserve and surrounding areas. RV Acheron specialises in live-aboard dive charters offering weekend and extended trips to the Poor Knights and beyond. Group (maximum of 8) and individual bookings are welcome. The philosophy is simple. Combine a comfortable boat, great food, excellent company and unlimited diving at the best sites the Poorknights Islands has to offer and you have the recipe for a great adventure on the RV Acheron.

Poor knights Diving

The Poor Knights Islands

The Poor Knights Marine Reserve, were named by Jacques Cousteau as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. The warm currents here originate in the Coral Sea, so the water temperature is higher and visibility greater than that of nearby coastal waters. Born from volcanic activity, tropical and sub-tropical life abounds in this unique underwater environment. Caves, tunnels and archways are all home to great schools of friendly colourful fish. 

Diving at the Poor Knights is a unique experience. Not only do you enter the three dimensional world of the undersea, but through the many archways, tunnels and caves, you are entering the very islands themselves. This exploration is not just restricted to experienced divers. Most of the archways and many of the caves are open to the surface providing safe access for all levels of experience. Outside these geological features the diving can be divided into three main types: vertical walls, kelp forests, and sand gardens.

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What Will You See Diving at the Poor Knights

Often a combination of some or all of these underwater environments can be experienced on a single dive. In places like South Harbour a swim of 50m will take you from the exquisite beauty of the ‘Magic Wall’, across a forest of gently swaying Ecklonia kelp, through the sand patches of Labrid Channel and into the inner world of Blue Maomao Arch.   A marine reserve since 1981 this subtropical reef system presents a stunning diversity of reef fish, pelagics, sponges, anemonies, nudibranchs and sea weeds The islands are bathed by a warm subtropical current and fish include tropical species such as spotted black groper, mosaic moray and Lord Howe coral fish, which are rarely found elsewhere in New Zealand waters. Reef fish at the Poor Knights include pink and blue maomao, and two-spot demoiselle, kingfish, koheru and trevally.

Amazing under water world of the Poor Knights.


2 Day Live-aboard Option 

During the 2 days you’ll be able to fit in at least five dives with plenty of time to relax between dives.

RV Acheron Departs from Tutukaka

Depart Monday- return Tuesday.
Depart Thursday- return Friday.
Depart Saturday – return Sunday.


  • Liveaboard with all your own gear is NZ$795
  • Liveaboard & hiring tanks and weights is NZ$845
  • Liveaboard & hiring full kit is NZ$995
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What suzie says about this tour: A fabulous way to experience the best diving in New Zealand, while staying onboard the RV Acheron and cruising the beautiful marine reserve. Groups of up to eight divers, with experienced Dive Masters, and high quality food and accommodation. A great little excursion.
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