The Volcano Taranaki (AKA Mt Egmont) rules supreme rising above the clouds, with a 2518 meter (8260 feet) high peak that stands tall above the surrounding 33,534 hectare (82864 acre) Egmont National Park. The classic volcano shaped cone of Mt Taranaki can be seen as far afield as the South islands Marlborough sounds and the North Islands Central Plateau. 

Map of TaranakiMt Taranaki's

The Manganui Ski Area is on Mt Taranaki's eastern slopes in the western North Island. This is a club field run by the Stratford Mountain Club, and all visitors are more than welcome. Like all ski clubs in New Zealand it is run on a volunteer basis with members expected to pitch in on maintenance working programs and to help with operating the field during the ski season.

The Ski Field is a 45-minute drive from New Plymouth - Access to the ski area is on a sealed road through Beach Forest to Stratford Plateau car park. There is a 20-minute walk to the skifield, but a goods lift is available just five minutes along the way.

The Manganui Ski Field has 3 rope tows and a T-bar covering a beginner/intermediate terrain of 59 hectares (145 acres). The elevation ranges from 1260-1680 m. (4133 - 5511 feet) As with most New Zealand terrain the slopes are open and treeless. Snow distribution is 5% for beginners with 30% for intermediate and 65% dedicated to advanced. With surfing being and important part of the regions culture, its no surprise that snowboarding is the majority snow sport.  A terrain park project is underway this season; so expect the number and variety of features to be enhanced.

The learner’s rope tow is on a gentle slope with a short run and plenty of space -- Family friendly for beginners ski school available throughout the season.

Intermediate Level
The T-bar is all easy intermediate level skiing with gentle intermediate runs and open bowls, nice and rolley and open. 2 natural half-pipe style valleys are off either side of the main T-bar provide a varied terrain for boarders and skiers alike. With quite small runs, generally un-crowded with a friendly club atmosphere, the T-bar run is rated as the best learning grounds in the country.

 The fixed grip rope tow or ‘Nutcracker’ (The very Top Tow) is a lot steeper (25-30degrees average) it offers a thrilling experience for skiers and boarders alike with some of the steepest terrain in the country, big open faces, natural ½ pipe valleys and outstanding views. It is mainly rated expert, but strong intermediates can ski/board here with fun and confidence.

The field is subject to coastal weather patterns, so snow conditions can change overnight.

• Awesome kilometre long runs
• Three rope tows
• One T-bar
• Two natural half-pipes
• Terrain Park features set up on T-bar
• Tuition available throughout the season
• On field accommodation

The T-Bar accessed lower slopes are open and gentle.

We are subject to coastal weather patterns, so snow conditions can change overnight. If the snow is good it pays to get up here and get it while it’s ‘on’. 2 natural half-pipe style valleys on the Top Tow, as well as 2 smaller ones either side of the main T-bar slope, provide varied terrain for boarders and skiers alike.

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