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New Zealand Self Drive Tours

Refine your search for the perfect New Zealand Self Drive Tours and Holidays

It isn’t easy planning the perfect holiday, especially to a place you have never been. So here’s how you can have the ultimate driving vacation, that not only shows you the best of New Zealand, but eliminates all of the guesswork. Choose from our extensive range of hand selected New Zealand self drive tour themes to start the ball rolling. Into adventure? Or perhaps you're a Lord of the Rings enthusiast? Or maybe you just want to kick back and relax at each destination on your road trip. We have it all. Better still, all our tours are customisable completely free of charge. So, take a look, be inspired and then let us get your holiday started.


Wanting to get out into the great outdoors? Our selection of adventure tours involve exploring some of New Zealand’s most beautiful wilderness areas. So whether you are a keen walker or an adrenalin junky we have both "hard" and "soft" self drive adventure tours that let you explore the New Zealand wilderness, interacting with Kiwi culture and undertaking a physical activity of some kind.


Our First Light Travel specialists can decode the great outdoors for you and intro you to a range of adventure experiences. The easy adventure self drive itineraries will get you moving with some off-the-grid adventure time into New Zealand's unique outdoors.


New Zealand is the ultimate “ends of the earth” place to escape from everyday life. With tranquil yet breathtaking scenery, luxurious hideaway lodges, and unique experiences - an idyllic honeymoon or romantic escape awaits.


It's our business to know the hottest destinations, properties and high-end adventures in New Zealand. We have built relationships with trusted suppliers and industry leaders since 2001. These self drive itineraries with a focus on the luxurious - will both surprise and delight.


Self drive hiking itineraries range from shorter walks all the way to multi-day tracks through remote high country. You'll soon see why soaking up the breathtaking New Zealand scenery while hiking is a national past time and right of passage for generations of kiwis. 


Here at First Light Travel we like to think of ourselves as experience makers. We get a kick out of crafting family friendly self drive itineraries that will be the fodder for some great family moments and good 'kiwi yarns' for years to come. 


Whether you are someone who has simply been awoken to the beauty of New Zealand through the Lord of the Rings film trilogy or a die-hard LOTR enthusiast, our self drive tours will take you to stunning LOTR filming locations.


Short on time? - See our selection of quick getaways designed to maximize your holiday experience when taking a short break around New Zealand. 


Chances are if you've clicked through to here, you are ready for some chilled-out, laid back time. First Light Travel's Relaxing Self drive itineraries give you space to savour some down time and treat yourself to some authentic kiwi luxury. 


New Zealand has a fascinating culture, learn the myths and traditions of the indigenous Maori people and experience a slice of New Zealand culture as it has been for hundreds of years.


Food & Wine themed self drive tours are food-focussed trips to pilgrimage-worthy wineries and eating establishments. Our First Light Travel itineraries will take you to the iconic, and, the up-and-coming Kiwi places. Whet your appetite and read on...


A world where nature flouts all sense of restraint, a place of extraordinary diversity inhabited by unique wildlife, an island nation with natural wonders enough for countries many times its size; this place is unique!


New Zealand's stunning landscapes, temperate climate and abundance of golf enthusiasts make it a fantastic destination for self drive golf vacations. In fact, golf is the most popular sport played by men in New Zealand and 2nd most popular for women (behind netball), so it makes sense that we are home to a range of world-class golf courses.


New Zealand, with our reverse season to the Northern Hemisphere, is well recognised as an international ski destination. With a diverse range of options from commercial, Nordic cross-country, club fields and heli-skiing, self drive visitors find the variety staggering, the terrain spectacular and the queues comparatively short.


Known for it's picture postcard scenery, New Zealand is the perfect place to drive around and experience one breathtaking place after another. Our self-drive itineraries give you time to soak up New Zealand’s untouched, timeless beauty whilst travelling on some of the most scenic roads in the world.


In New Zealand, the environment has always been at the forefront of the visitor experience. After all, many choose New Zealand precisely for its landscapes and wildlife. Here is a selection of self-drive tours that get you into the 'Great Outdoors'

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