Reviews of A Luxury New Zealand Self Drive Tour


Ian & Janice Petty

05 Feb 2019

Dear Jo,

We had a great time and really appreciated your support from start to end.

Many thanks again.

Best Regards

Ian & Janice Petty - UK


Gail Marie Bisson and Elwood Caldwell MacMullin

11 Dec 2017

My husband and I are very seasoned travelers and I usually do all the planning and booking as I enjoy the planning stage of the trip as much as the trip itself. For some reason, I decided to let go of my obsessive planning skills and let someone else do the work. I researched various travel agencies located in New Zealand and decided on First Light based on their reviews and comprehensive website. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got an immediate response via e-mail from Shelley and a phone call the next day. The phone call was great- I was able to accurately describe what we were looking for ( fly fishing for hubby and bird photography for me), lots of hiking and nice places to stay. I gave Shelley our budget and she was able to come very close to it! ( and the reason we were slightly over-budget was my fault as I decided to splurge on a 5 star eco-resort.) The detailed itinerary we received was simply amazing as was the pre-travel PDF they send you. All my questions were answered in that PDF. Shelley was very flexible and cheerful with changes that I wanted made when I received the initial itinerary. Payment was easy from Canada to NZ. We had one little problem while in NZ with one of our booked tours and Shelley responded quickly and efficiently. I am so pleased with First Light that I recommended them to my 2 sisters who are traveling to NZ in a few months.

Gail Marie Bisson and Elwood Caldwell MacMullin - Canada



Kareena Mirpuri

11 Jul 2017

From the first email I sent to Shelley, she was prompt and very patient in answering my questions and setting up our itinerary for us and we exchanged a LOT of emails! Our whole trip was smooth from the transfers to all the accommodations that we had and the car rentals. I highly recommend Shelley and First Light Travel for any trip to New Zealand. We had a fantastic holiday in this beautiful country and went home with some great memories.

Thank you Shelley and First Light Travel!

Kareena Mirpuri - Phillipines


Teena Rasmussen Maui

Hawaii USA
21 Jan 2014

Our recent two week trip to New Zealand was the best vacation we have ever had! The breathtaking beauty and the genuine and friendly people of New Zealand make this destination a must on everyone's bucket list. I credit First Light Travel for making the trip logistically perfect for us.

Due to friends that had recently returned from New Zealand, we knew what cities and towns we wanted to visit on the South Island, but we had no idea how and where to book our accommodations and the activities. I went online to find a company based in New Zealand, and was very happy when I found First Light Travel. I made a call and immediately was connected to a wonderful agent named Verity. She was extraordinarily

helpful and had a complete itinerary with rooms and activities for me to approve within three short days. She promptly answered all my questions whenever I emailed her, and by departure day, I was confident that everything was in place with our transportation, rooms, car, and activities. The best thing was that virtually every step of our trip went off without a hitch.

The rooms all exceeded our expectations, the activities were so fun and scenic. Our itinerary came with travel times and very clear directions and addresses for hotels, lodges, etc. We were able to plan our drive times accordingly, and we were always able to go at a leisurely pace and stop wherever we wanted. I will recommend First Light Travel to all of our friends who are planning a New Zealand trip. We were very happy with their friendly, efficient service, and most of all the depth of their knowledge about New Zealand and everything it has to offer.

Teena Rasmussen Maui - Hawaii


Carole Barlow & Crew

19 Feb 2016

Amelia was great at getting us the tour we wanted at the time we wanted and she was very specific with instructions and what was to be expected. She answered any of our questions correctly and promptly. I would recommend her to my friends for a reference for travel.

Carole Barlow & Crew - USA


Philip Tower & Roberta O'Connor

11 May 2016

Hi Kasey,

We had a wonderful experience, everything went very well, with all arrangements complete and right on time. In all, a trip of a lifetime and it was very complete and well planned. Congratulations to you for such a thoroughly thought out trip. When I download the pictures from the camera I will send you some of the great ones. Feel free to use any of this info as you choose.

Philip Tower & Roberta O'Connor - USA

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