The North Island Thermal Explorer


The North Island Thermal Explorer

Hit the road and head to Rotorua and immerse yourself in the culture and history of NZ’s traditional Maori heritage. Experience agriculture, adventure, and relaxation as well as a delightful detour via Waitomo Caves to explore the underground tunnels, home to thousands of illuminating glow worms. There’s something of interest for everyone in Rotorua.

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James & Paula Hansen

17 Feb 2020

We wanted to visit New Zealand, but didn’t know enough to plan our own holiday. We also decided that driving would be very stressful (we are used to the right side of the road). Our agent asked what we wanted to do and what kind of budget. She then developed a wonderful itinerary. This itinerary included a couple of absolutely amazing lodges. And best of all, we had a private driver!

James & Paula Hansen - Ecuador

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