Kaikoura Seal Dive

Kaikoura Seal Dive

Kaikoura Seal DiveKaikoura Seal Diving

Swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling or diving with fur seals or watching the whales, the undersea world of Kaikoura beholds a vast array of wonderful and unique marine creatures from the smallest invertebrate through to the giant sperm whales. The rich diversity of wildlife found in Kaikoura means that every day is a chance to see something different and unique from seabirds to cetaceans (whales and dolphins) to seals. You just never know!

Diving with or viewing seals in the shallow waters of Kaikoura's rocky coastline is not only fun, but relaxing. Enjoy the company of the cheeky and inquisitive New Zealand Fur Seals by joining them in the water and experience their antics below the surface. You will be enthralled by the closeness of this adventure, amazed by their natural abilities as they show off and delight you by their innocent curiosity.

Great diving with excellent kelp beds, weeds, sponges, rich marine life and small crayfish. 

Kaukoura Dive-site Details

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5-18m (16 to 60ft)   


6-12m (20-40ft)   


12-16°C (54-61 °F)   


Pups Dec through Jan  


NOTE: The company diving with the fur seals in Kaikoura has closed until further notice - please contact us for alternatives.

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