The Alderman Islands


The diving is spectacular featuring huge drop offs and attracting a great range of fish life, caves, pinnacles and a major feeding station starting just below the surface and dropping off into the blue are features of the Alderman Islands.

Diving the Alderman Islands MapThe Alderman Islands off the Coromandel Peninsula

The Alderman Islands are often referred to as the vanishing volcanoes. Hongiora, Ruamahua-iti, The Spire and Ruamahua-nui Islands (from West to East) are mere remnants of a once far larger volcanic complex, consisting of rhyolite domes and associated ignimbrite and breccia deposits. This group of precipitous, rocky islands was originally named The Court of Aldermen by Captain James Cook as he sailed past in 1769 and from the sea they are certainly a very imposing sight. The islands have been protected since 1933 and now constitute one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in the region. They are administered as part of the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park.

We recommend getting a boat to Stingray Rock, named for the large stingrays that make it home during New Zealand’s summer months. The pinnacle rises from 35 metres and peaks at eight metres below the surface. As soon as you get to 20 metres there is an abundance of marine life, huge schools of mackerel, blue maomao and some massive red moki. 

Ascending the pinnacle to the top of Stingray Rock will revealed plenty of fish such as pink and blue maomao, as well as Spanish lobster hiding in crevasses, and bright nudibranchs dotted here and there.

Coromandels other islands: From Tairua, regular trips to Shoe and Slipper Islands and the Mercury Islands just off the Coromandel coast.

AWESOME DIVING... Supporting depth, abundant marine life and one of our personal favourites, the Honeycomb Caverns!

Alderman Islands Dive-site Details

Dive Site  Profile   Viz Temp   Notes / Restrictions 

Alderman Islands   


10-33 m (33 to 100ft)   


15-25 m (50-80ft)   


14-21°C (57-70 °F)   


Open Water Diver


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