Rotorua is one of the original tourist destinations in New Zealand - it has been welcoming visitors for more than 200 years. From the moment people arrive in Rotorua they know they're somewhere quite different. There is a scent of sulphur in the air. At nearby geothermal hot spots, there are spouting geysers, boiling mud pools and warm geothermal springs. Silica terraces are naturally decorated with a kaleidoscope of colours.Geothermal Activity in Rotorua

Rotorua is the heartland of New Zealand Maori culture and visitors have the opportunity to experience the warm spirit of Te Maori. Althought most of the Maori population live in the urban areas, there are about 35 marae (meeting grounds) in the Rotorua district. You may be lucky enough to stay as a guest on a marae - an unforgettable experience. Or you could catch a Maori cultural performance, where stories are relayed through beautiful songs and dance. You can also indulge in a traditional hangi feast - the food is cooked below the ground in earthen ovens.

The Rotorua region is also one of New Zealand's prime trout fishing spots - you're practically guaranteed a catch, especially if a local professional guide is hired. Many of the volcanic crater lakes are home to a plentiful stock of trophy - sized rainbow trout.

Rotorua is fast becoming known as Nature's Spa of the South Pacific. After a hard day's sightseeing or strenuous activity, visitors can relax with a soak in the healing waters of the geothermal hot springs or totally unwind by choosing from a selection of therapeutic spa and massage therapies. 

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