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If you have the time, why not learn to sail while in New Zealand?

Penny Whiting's Sail School is world famous for its down to earth practical and fun courses and are now in their 30th year of sailing tuition. A certificate is presented at the successful conclusion of the course and this is accepted by charter operators world wide.

The school has a well organised programme of courses. The classes are all practical and you will do five three-hour lessons, including three hours of navigation. The classes are run through the summer months of "Down Under" - October, November, December, January, February, March and April. There is a full timetable, including afternoon, evening, weekend, children's and refresher classes. See the courses outline and timetable for details.


How to rig and sail a yacht and the terminology and fittings used. You will steer the yacht, learn wind direction and how to change tacks when sailing. We do headsail changes, slab reefing, flaking sails and packing a spinnaker. The rules of the sea are important a are the bouyage and collision rules. You will learn to splice and do a practical chart work navigation lesson. All aspects that will enable you to sail with anyone or sail and handle your own yacht. You will understand commands about sailing manoeuvres.


The yacht Endless Summer is 47 foot long and is based in Auckland's sparkling Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. You must learn to sail a large yacht before a small one and the Endless Summer is an easy yacht to sail.


Few New Zealanders have packed as much into their lives as Penny Whiting. Best known as a yachtswoman and the owner-operator of the Penny Whiting Sailing School, she has also been a swimming champion, international surfing competitor, rugby coach, writer, celebrity speaker, mother of two, America's Cup and Whitbread commentator and Auckland city councilor. Born on the morning of the Auckland Anniversary Day regatta, Penny was destined for a life at sea. As the eldest on the family, she accepted responsibility from an early age and while still in her teens she went into business with her brother Paul designing and building boats. She went on to found the Penny Whiting Sailing School. In more than 30 years she has not missed one class and her yacht Endless Summer, floating school to over 20,000 students, is a familiar sight on Auckland's Waitamata Harbour. Later she would develop her considerable skills as a communicator by becoming a persuasive city councillor as well as a radio and television yachting commentator.


NZ$700 including a comprehensive sailing book written by Penny.

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