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Alexandra Pelley


First Light Travel has been great to work with! Shelley came to the rescue when another travel group failed us just a few weeks out from our planned departure. She was quick to respond and always willing to address any concerns or questions that I had. During the trip, everything went very smoothly and all the vendors and activities were very professional. I can't say enough about the service we recieved and would recommend the company and especially Shelley to anyone interested in travelling to this area of the globe!

Alexandra Pelley - Australia


Roger Breton


Aloha Laureen,

Hey how was your holiday en France? Was it cold? Did you get to spend time with family? Here I included a pic from the trek, well it was the exit pic from the Milford. Six of us hiked out early so the photographer took the shot at Milford sound instead of Sand fly point. Does that guy look 49? Not. No worries as we enjoyed some beers at the Milford Sound cafe while catching some rays and waiting for the others.

You have my permission to use the photo, if you wish and the hand signal I am giving in the pic is the "shaka" sign from hawaii, meaning "hang loose". oh and if you use the pic, don't use my real name, instead use my hiking name which is, "manfriday". Everyone who is a serious hiker here in hawaii has a hiking name. Why? Well because more times then not we are hiking on private property and when confronted by authorities have to give them some ID, so mine is manfriday.

a hui hou and God bless,

Roger Breton - Hawaii



Thank You!! An Amazing Time!!

hmm, I don't think I can pick out one highlight. So I'll highlight the most memorable for me. The Nige Canyoning was absolutely amazing. I'm so glad I didn't miss it. I knew I would have regretted it. This just seemed to work out. The ice climbing was really fun! That was the way to go cause it kind of combined the day hike and ice climbing into one. The heli-trek was spectacular! The views were unreal. The trek was difficult for me, but well worth the effort. Both the bungy jumps were super crazy!! I loved the water touch and just the insanity of the nevis jump was enough to make me! The canyon swing was fun too, I jumped backwards so it added a little bit to the fear. The waitomo caving trip was awesome. Lost epic is definitely the trip to take. Oh and rafting Wairoa was the best. It was a short run, but packed with crazy rapids. I had a great guide and a light raft with fun people so that added to the experience. Those are my highlights.

My favorite town was Wanaka. So beautiful. And home of the best burger place ever. I will miss Red Star.

This was the ultimate vacation for me. Thanks so much for planning it.

You Rock


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