Reviews of Great Sights of New Zealand Self Drive


Irma Gruben

29 Sep 2019

My travel to New Zealand was not a standard one because I had quite some wishes and also wanted to include a horse riding holiday in it. Surfing the internet to find a company that could realise all this I came across First Light Travel. And Judith Pohn! What a relief to find out that there are still people like her to fulfill your wishes! It took some emails back and forth but eventually she composed the perfect trip for me. Thanks to First Light Travel and Judith my 6 weeks in New Zealand run really smoothly and left me with an unforgettable memory of the country! I can highly recommend both her and FLT!

Irma Gruben - Netherlands


Julie Co, Edwin, Bryan, Michele & Krystyn Tiu

22 May 2019

First of all, I would like to commend Our travel specialist Christine Goodger for doing such a great job in arranging our itinerary & putting up with several revisions on our itinerary. Her patience & sense of urgency are very impressive. She responded to our queries quickly & comprehensively. She also gave good suggestions which was a great help in organizing our itinerary. Andrew & Frank were both very courteous & approachable. They both helped us load & unload our luggages without being asked to do so. Andrew always took the tour vouchers from us & processed our attraction tickets so entrance to the attraction was a breeze. Frank was very knowledgeable about each attraction’s history & information. He also took us to places where we can try the best tasting salmon, kiwi, chocolates, manuka honey, & the yummy mixed berries real fruit ice cream! Overall, we had an amazing tour of New Zealand, so we’ll definitely be back!

Thank you First Light Travel! 

Julie Co, Edwin, Bryan, Michele & Krystyn Tiu - Philippines


Barry and Marie

25 Jul 2012

Dear Chrissy,

We are pleased to report a most successful and enjoyable trip to New Zealand, due in substantial part to your thoughtfulness and quick work in developing an outstanding itinerary for us - it was a marvelous introduction to the many wonders of New Zealand.

Barry and Marie 


Liz Nienhuis (Anderson)

21 Jan 2013

Thank you for an amazing trip! We had the time of our lives :) 

Liz Nienhuis (Anderson)


Sterling Hutchinson & Wesley Klehm

22 Jul 2013

Dear Verity,

I absolutely loved touring New Zealand. There is nothing in this country that isn't beautiful! You put together a tour that I was trying to do myself and you did it cheaper than I could have done. It was great!

Sterling Hutchinson & Wesley Klehm USA


Lian & Rene

11 Mar 2015

Hi First Light Travel, 

Thanks for all of your hard work and organisation to ensure we had such a beautiful, unforgettable trip in New Zealand. We especially enjoyed the sand surfing, mountain biking and sea kayaking as well as spotting whales and leaping dolphins in the wild.

Rotorua was remarkable with all of its thermal energy and we loved the fun, youthful atmosphere of Queenstown. Thanks for everything - we thought this was a once in a lifetime trip, but now we think we should come back again one day!


Lian & Rene - Netherlands


Kristine Rolf

09 Feb 2016

The reality was better than the dream...... I do not even know where to begin. I have dreamed about this trip for 15 years. I had all these ideas in my head but when it finally came time to start planning I had not a clue what to do. And then I found Shelley and First Light Travel. I have no idea how she did it with the information I gave her from my emails but she was DEAD ON!!!!! Shelley planned THE PERFECT vacation. And she warned me in the beginning that we weren't going long enough, and what I learned in NZ is that most other countries have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more vacation time than us Americans do. But what Shelley did with the limited amount of time we gave her (two weeks) was amazing. And PERFECT. There is not one single thing (other than our lack of time) that we would change. Seriously. I do not know how Shelley, without ever meeting me, or knowing me at all, could have put that itinerary together so perfectly for us. We loved every single thing we did and every single thing we saw. There was not one moment that we did not look around and be in awe of the beauty. Not one single moment. We WILL be back to NZ and we will never go back without booking through First Light Travel. Specifically Shelley.

Thank you Shelley, for your help in all this. You made a 40 year old ladies 15 year old dream come true. And because of you, the reality was better than the dream.

Kristine Rolf - USA


Roth Family

31 May 2016

I could not have asked for an easier, more thorough and professional travel planner than Frist Light and Jo. All of our wishes for our trip were covered but as we travelled we only wanted to be able to spend more time in some of our destinations. So, take as much time as you possibly can since there is so much to enjoy and the beauty of each area unique. Jo handled some changes we needed to make with ease and was available if we had needed her after we arrived in New Zealand. I worked in the travel business for over 20 years and usually plan our trips myself but since this trip was on rather short notice I turned it over to First Light. Jo arranged some fabulous excursions and accommodations that I am sure I would not have been aware of - Absolutely fabulous!

Roth Family - USA


Celine Yeo

07 Jul 2016

Had an awesome trip to NZ! Chrissy did an awesome job helping me put together itinerary and making all the necessary arrangements. Everything went without a hitch! 

Thanks a million!

Celine Yeo - Singapore

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