New Zealand's Lord of the Rings Location Tour


New Zealand's Lord of the Rings Location Tour

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Welcome to Middle-earth! Many people have dreamed about Middle Earth, and these Lord of the Rings tours can take you into the dream and it will become reality. Walk in the footsteps of Frodo and Sam from the lush green Shirelands into forests, across rivers and even to the twisted lava and ash fields of the Black Land it-self.

Beneath southern skies, a world of pure magic awaits. Soaring, snow-capped mountains stretch as far as the eye can see; fading into a mist of purple and pinks come sunset. Mirror-like lakes reflect wide open skies. Mist hovers above rivers and emerald-coloured moss clings to rocky banks. Welcome to New Zealand - the real Middle-earth.

Climb the magnificent Edoras, Explore Bilbo’s Shire!, Mordor, Mt Doom, Weta Workshop, Scenic Cruise, Fur Seals, Beautiful Trollshaw, Impressive Leaf Brooch Canyon - and many more LOTR locations.

**this tour now returns to travel via the Kaikoura coast rather than Hanmer Springs and is also known as a 14 day tour with the departure day becoming day 15 

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