Milford Track Freedom Walking Itinerary


Te Anau Downs / Glade Wharf / Clinton Hut

Bus from Queenstown to Te Anau Downs: The Milford Track is greatly known as one of “the finest walks in the world”, it is a 4 day/3 night adventure starting and finishing in Queenstown. Prior to your walk, you’re able to buy all your food for the track at the Fresh Choice Supermarket in Queenstown. The bus from Queenstown stops during 15min at Te Anau, in front of the Fiordland National Park.

Boat from Te Anau Downs to Glade Wharf: Boat from Te Anau Downs to Glade Wharf.  The crossing is 1 hour and 15 minutes 

Start of the track: From the wharf it is a short walk to the historic Glade House, this is – an original Milford Track lodge dating back to the 1890’s. Just past Glade House is the first and the largest of several suspension bridges you encountered on your walk. The well kept track continues for 1 hour, through beech forest along the banks of the beautiful Clinton River. Just before you reach tonights destination Clinton Hut, a side track option is recommended around the "Wetland Walk" offering views over a colorful sphagnum swamp.

This afternoon you have spare time to relax and prepare for tomorrow, set in a picturesque valley there are some great swimming holes around Clinton Hut.

Walking Distance: 5 km (3.1 miles) - 1 to 1.5 hours walking

Clinton Hut: This dormitory style accommodation, sleeping bags only.


Set at a forest/wetlands with views to the impressively steep mountains. Clinton Hut is a Department of Conservation hut set in the lovely Clinton Valley, you will find great swimming holes in the river nearby. The hut sleeps 40 people in two bunk rooms supplied with mattresses - you will need sleeping bags.
Clinton Hut Milford Track


Clinton River and the Dead Lake / MINTARO HUT

As you leave the Clinton Hut, your track follow the right bank of the Clinton River guiding you through exquisitely moss covered red beech forests until you reach the Clinton Forks, here you get a spectacular view of north branch of the Clinton River. Numerous avalanche paths make themselves known and one in particular ‘Dead Lake’ because of the dead beech trees submerged here. All along the trail plenty of waterfalls tumble from high overhead, crossing another footbridge there is a steady ascent through another mossy forest before reaching Lake Mintaro and the hut.

Walking Distance: 16.5km (10.25 miles) - 6 hours walk

Mitntaro Hut: This dormitory style accommodation, sleeping bags only.

Mintaro hut is a Department of Conservation hut that offers stunning views of the steep-sided Clinton Valley and a welcome rest before the Mackinnon Pass climb the next day. The hut sleeps 40 people with mattresses - you will need sleeping bags. Watch for the local wildlife, especially the rare Blue duck (whio) and the cheeky Kea.
Mintaro Hut Milford Track


Mintaro Hut - Dumpling Hut

This is a big days hike, the climbing of Mackinnon Pass and the optional side trip to the famous Sutherland Falls makes this the longest day hiking on the Milford Track.  The 400 meter (1,312ft ) climb to the pass begins, ascending up a series of switchbacks cut through the thinning forest. The 3280 ft (1000 metre) descent into the Roaring Burn stream is a hard walk and takes considerable time. But provides spectacular views, dropping steadily over rocky, uneven terrain crossing beneath Mt Balloon and the Jervois Glacier getting eventually to the Moraine Creek Bridge.
A set of zigzags leads to the bottom of the pass is a side track that leads to the magnificent Sutherland Falls. - a great place to see glow worms (after dark)

Walking Distance: 14km (8.6 miles) - 6 to 7 hours walking

Dumpling Hut: This dormitory style accommodation, sleeping bags only.

Dumpling Hut is a Department of Conservation Hut and compared to many others airy and spacious. Four bunk rooms in two separate buildings with large verandas and a short walk to an equally generous kitchen/living area. There’s even a nice swimming hole down at the Arthur River for a quick splash.
Dumpling Hut Milford Track


Giants Gate Falls to Sandfly Point

So you are on time to to get the boat from Sandfly Point, it is advisable to leave the hut before 7:30 am, the trail keeps on the right of the Arthur River until the Mackay Falls, certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the entire walk.

Walking Distance: 18km (11 miles) - 5.5 to 6 hours walking

Sandfly Point to Milford Sound:  The boat from Sandfly Point to Milford Sound takes only 15 minutes. 

Milford Sound to Queenstown:The bus from Milford Sound to Queenstown, departs in front of the ferry terminal.


Meals: Please be aware you have to carry your own food and cooking equipment. There is no possibility of buying any extra food during the walk.

Porters: You have to carry everything you require for the walk.

Info: Cold temperatures, snow, strong winds and heavy rain can occur at any time of the year. A helicopter ride can be necessary over a hazard area. Cost NZ$80/person. When you will exchange your tickets, the Department of conservation will take a credit card print if they think there might be a risk of severe weather conditions. The amount won’t be debited if the helicopter is not used.

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What Dmitry says about this tour: I recommend this four day walk to folk who want to experience New Zealand's most famous walk in a cost effective way. As a freedom or independent walker you use Department of Conservation huts, and carry your own supplies with transport and bookings supplied.
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