5 Day Surf Camp/Safari Northland

The 5 Day Surf Camp/Safari is for beginners to advanced alike. The custom tailored surf wagon gets you on the beach to remote locations where you can learn to surf in uncrowded conditions. This tour takes you to the sub-tropical waters and climate of the winterless North, which offers a variety of waves to suit all abilities.

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Why would you come with us?
  • Our Surfing New Zealand coaches have extensive local knowledge which allows them to give you a surfing adventure that you will never forget. 
  • We take small groups (7:1 Ratio) to ensure you get the attention you need.
  • You will quickly meet new friends and enjoy Northland's amazing scenery through the eyes of a surfer.
  • You may even get to experience nature at its best with dolphins & whales frequently cruising our beaches.

Learning to surf is all about:

1. Having access to the right equipment, which is provided.
2. Travelling the roads less travelled to find the waves that best suit your ability.
3. Discovering the energy and excitement to get out there and enjoy life and summer to the fullest.

You will find this trip is not just about your average tour it's a life changing experience where you will get to live the life of a surfer and indulge your passion for life, everyday. Quoted by Billabong "Only a surfer knows the feeling". Most customers are beginners but many experienced surfers take our trips because we find the best waves to suit all abilities. For the new surfer having good surfers on board is a bonus, because by hanging with them it will greatly improve your surfing. The draw back is your vocabulary will change and words like barrels, gnarly, point break, floater, cutty and others that are not in the dictionary will creep in. It is all part of the experience so not to worry. Our tour heads north for the simple reasons of the sub tropical water and climate, the remote and unspoiled beaches, and the consistency of the surf due to the proximity of the 3 coasts (North, East, West).


Kia Ora, Welcome.

The Safri begins departing Auckland and heading for the far north to the Surf Lodge & School at the stunning Taupo Bay in New Zealands winterless north. Taupo Bay is off the beaten track and a secret place that kiwi's like to holiday, a place so you won’t meet too many tourists other than like-minded surfers.


Surf Lessons

You will have daily surf lessons which will set you up for your surfing career! You will learn how to catch a wave, how to stand up and maybe you will even catch your first green wave! On top of all that surf time, you have theory lessons on a range of surf related topics We'll take some photos of your progress for you to keep and show friends & family. Lessons will be feature through out the safari and individuals will be taught how to refine techniques along the way.


Surfing Location 1 - Taupo Bay

Taupo Bay is a stunning bay adored by surfers and swimmers alike and being a good all rounder it is excellent for all levels of surfer - A very popular beach for those who know where to find it.

Surfing Description: This is a beach break on a sandy beach, located east of Kaitaia on the east coast of Northland. There are several peaks down the beach to choose from with both right and left handers. The wave is powerful and hollow, with good barrels on offer. There can also be a good right hander down the southern end of the beach


Surfing Location 1 - Shipwreck Bay

Shipwreck Bay is well known for excellent surf, with big long rides. The bay is sandy with a few rocks around the point. Shipwreck Bay has two waves, with shipwreck Bay or Wreck Bay being the left ... Shipwreck Bay is located at the township of Ahipara, which lies at the southern most point of Ninety Mile Beach and is a very laid back place to stop for a couple of days to work on your surfing style.


Good for all levels of surfer and again for those in the know it is a popular beach. Sandy Bay is a beach break on a sandy beach, located on the east coast, north of Whangarei. There are several peaks down the beach to choose from with both right and left handers. The wave is powerful and hollow with some barrels on offer. 

Your Guides

Are Surf New Zealand endorsed surf coaches that have extensive local knowledge this experience allows them to give you a surfing adventure that you will never forget.