Outer Marlborough Sounds Kayaking Adventure

The Marlborough Sounds is situated on the top of the South Island and is an extensive network of sea-drowned valleys and spectacular maze of coves, islands and peninsulas making it a wonderland for sea kayakers. Here, you'll be able to find a corner all to yourself to enjoy the dazzling display of colours that surrounds you - the turquoise water that changes into the deepest green whilst the banks display a variety of different shades of green on the draping trees. The wildlife is also a great sight where you can come across seals, dolphins and penguins.

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The many coves and inlets of the outer-Queen Charlotte Sound are surrounded by magnificent stands of virgin native bush plunging down to crystal clear water. Your trip is so remote that the only sounds you will hear is bird-song and the occasional splash from a diving gannet or dolphin. This is a relaxed paddling adventure suitable for any moderately fit person (no previous experience necessary).

A water taxi ride to Ship Cove will put you into the heart of the outer-Queen Charlotte Sound. From there you will pack your kayak and paddle in and out of the many coves and inlets, around bush clad shorelines, exploring the many interesting spots along the way. Over the next three days you will have the opportunity to explore Motuara Island, home to the endangered South Island Saddleback and South Island Robin, explore the marine reserve around Long Island, visit some of Captain Cooks favourite spots, the gun emplacement on Blumine Island to just name a few highlights along the way.

Each night you will camp at a different campsite (depending on weather) and your guide will cook you a delicious 3 course dinner while you enjoy the sunset. You may have time to do some fishing for your dinner or pick some mussels as an entree, either way we guarantee that you will love the home cooked food!

For us, good food and comfort are priorities. This holiday package is as much about pleasure in the outdoors as about adventure. Much care is taken in the selection of comfortable campsites, quality equipment and delicious home cooked food.

It is important to note that this trip is entirely dependent on weather and that the itinerary could change due to persisting weather conditions. At all times the guide will make decisions that are in the best interests of the group and client safety is a priority to us. The itinerary is designed for novice to moderately experienced paddlers and as a general rule we have designed the itinerary so that you will only be paddling for a maximum of 5 hours per day - 2½ hours in the morning and 2½ hours in the afternoon. However clients need to be of moderate fitness as situations can arise where you will be required to paddle strenuously, due to weather conditions, for two or three hours to a destination.