Hump Ridge Track Freedom Walk

The Hump Ridge Track is a 3 day / 2 night, 62km (39 mile) circuit hike and is situated at the very bottom of New Zealand - and you need to be fit! It climbs high up on to the Hump Ridge and to the comfortable Okaka Lodge at 890 meters (2,920 feet), A scenic loop track amidst sandstone tors and mountain tarns at the very pinnacle of the ridge offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Stewart Island, the wild Southern Ocean and the awe-inspiring wilderness of Southwest Fiordland – you are truly on the edge of the inhabited world!

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Rarakau Car Park to Okaka Lodge

Walking Distance: 7-9 hours, 22km (14 Miles)

Starting with a relaxing meander along the magnificent sweep of the beautiful Bluecliffs Beach where Hectors dolphins can sometimes be seen playing in the surf. Then enter the distinctive bush of Fiordland National Park and climb steadily toward Stag Point, the reward is a stunning view out across Te Wae Wae Bay to Stewart Island. A short climb to reach the summit ridge and the comfortable Okaka Lodge.

A 45 minute loop track takes you around the tors (rocky peak) and tarns (little lakes) with a grand view of Stewart Island, the wild Southern Ocean and the awe-inspiring wilderness of Southwest Fiordland. Watch out, the cheeky alpine parrot, the Kea, is often lurking in this area, set to pounce and steal anything you may leave unattended.

Okaka Lodge to Port Craig Lodge

Walking Distance: 7-9 hours walk, 20 km (13 Miles)

On the second day as you descend the hump ridge, Frog Rock looms in the distance as you head into the silver beach forests that have been consumed by leichen and moss, these altitude stunted and gnarled natives take on an unimaginable ghostly quality as one moves through in utter silence. Horror story over the rest of the day is hiking through vibrant bush, passing trees such as the magnificent rimu, rata and totara.

The remainder of the day takes you through Maori land and over historic wooden viaducts following an old railway to reach  the accommodation for the night, Port Craig Lodge.

Port Craig Lodge to Rarakau car park

Walking Distance: 5-7 hours, 17 km (11 Miles)

To complete the hike, walk out under a virgin native bush canopy, along our beautiful golden beaches, there is one named ‘Blowholes’ because of the crown of rocks the waves blow up though as they crash ashore - spectacular to say the least! Hiking up to the coastal terrace, the track finishes at the car park from where you started.

PLEASE NOTE: This can be also done as a guided trip and options are also available to have luggage transferred by helicopter (often inexpensive if done in conjunction with other hikers).

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