Hiking the Marlborough Sounds




The Marlborough Sounds is a large land mass covering some 4,000 km²  (2,485 Mi²) fractured into an extensive network of sea-drowned valleys (sounds) islands and peninsulas that protrude from the South Island's north-easternmost point. Surprisingly the most northerly point of these Sounds sits further north than the North Island City of Wellington. For all intents and purposes ‘Sounds’ are very similar to the look and feel of ‘Fjords’ and again equally as surprising is the fact that the Marlborough Sounds make up 20% of New Zealand's coastline. Marlborough-Sounds-LargeMap.png

Steep, forested hills and small quiet bays are the hallmark of the Marlborough Sounds and with many of the small settlements accessible only by boat these Sounds are sparsely populated. This relative isolation is what makes this one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in New Zealand, the intricate maze of waterways with secluded beaches and lush native bush provides a perfect environment for sailing, hiking, kayaking or cycling being the main mode of transport through this picturesque maritime area.

Fine restaurants and accommodation lodges are scattered throughout the Sound and with a network of cycling/hiking trails used in conjunction with the water taxi many fabulous adventures can be had in relative comfort.

Some of our popular options are…
4 Day Guided Queen Charlotte 
5 Day Guided Queen Charlotte
Queen Charlotte Boutique Walk
4 Day Queen Charlotte Freedom Walk
Ultimate Sounds Adventure
Sounds Paddle and Walk Tour

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