New Zealand Cycling

Something for everyone

Over the last decade Biking in New Zealand has experienced a surge in popularity with increasing numbers of international visitors making the pilgrimage to experience our great outdoors on two wheels. Whether you are a Mountain Biking Gladiator wanting to carve up the worlds best single tracks or you just want to have a relaxing experience getting from A to B while soaking up the sunshine and outstanding scenery – then we have a lot on offer…

Relaxing above Tawharanui Peninsula

Relaxing above Tawharanui Peninsula

With an increasing number of specially designed mountain bike tracks, as well as many single and 4WD (four-wheel drive) tracks through beautiful native bush, New Zealand's hilly terrain makes it a fabulous mountain bike playground. And for the more adventurous rider looking for a unique challenge, try alpine Heli Biking or cycle up one of the many firebreaks you'll see on New Zealand's steep hills!

Interested? Then check out our blog. Brent takes a look at the top biking tracks throughout New Zealand, from the scenic wine trails of the Nelson/Tasman district to the hurtling downhills of First Light Travel Blog_1.pngQueenstown and everything in between.


Queenstown biking in New Zealand

Trail grading for the majority of trails around NZ use the following guidelines:

  • Grade 1. Fairly flat. Gravel, or smooth tracks. Great for riders new to the sport.
  • Grade 2. Gentle climbs, nothing too significant. Optional small obstacles or challenges. Still suitable for beginners.
  • Grade 3. Challenging rides with steeper sections, tougher terrain. Some level of experience and fitness required.
  • Grade 4. Long steep climbs, tough obstacles, loose track surfaces, technical. Some walking may be required if you're skills aren't up to it!
  • Grade 5. Killer climbs, with equally tough drop offs. Tough track conditions. More walking may be required.
  • Grade 6. Competition or downhill sections. Insane obstacles track conditions or jumps. Only a select group will get enjoyment out of these trails.

There really is something for everyone! Ask us which are your best options, or see our bike tours.



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