Caving in New Zealand

Caving in New Zealand

Something for everyone

From deep caving systems to beautiful limestone formations, New Zealand has underground adventures for all interests and cavers of all levels.

Spelunkers (or cavers) claim New Zealand’s caves are up there for challenge with the best caving systems in the world.

In the North Island the best known caves are the famous Waitomo Caves, which offer an easily accessible caving experience with their limestone formations and glow-worms. It also has a network of more difficult caves for more experienced and confident cavers. And for those looking for something special, why not try Black Water Rafting through the caves.

Howards Hole Takaka Nelson Caving

Prehistoric Maori Cave and Rock Art:First Light Travel Blog_0.png

In the prehistoric age of early human occupation, nomadic Maori hunters created New Zealand’s earliest surviving artworks in caves as long ago as the fifteenth century or earlier. Read our fascinating blog to find more...


Examples of the very cool rock art created by early Maori in the South Island, between 800 and 1000 years ago.

Black Labyrinth Black Water Rafting Waitomo

For something really challenging, the Tasman Mountains, north-west of Nelson, are some of the world's largest and deepest caving systems, with many caves still to be explored. Nearby on the Takaka Hill (Marble Mountain) is Harwoods Hole, one of the world's largest sinkholes, just off the main Motueka-Takaka road. * Unfortunately commercial operators can no longer take paying clients into this system. Contact local Nelson/Tasman district caving clubs if you wish to pursue venturing into Harwoods Hole.  

Jonathan takes on the ‘Lost World Epic’ Caving Adventure – and Survives

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Considered to be the pinnacle of of commercial caving in New Zealand, the 'Lost World Epic' is a must for anyone who wants a true adventure caving experience - this is not for the meek. We are continuously told by our guests visiting New Zealand that this journey was their highlight.

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