New Zealand Activities

Scuba diving at New Zealands Poorknights Marine Reserve

Scuba diving in New Zealand offers something for everyone. New Zealand has literally hundreds of scuba diving sites with over 15,000 km of coast line and numerous lakes and rivers. Many of these sites are world class. Coastal waters teem with colorful, fascinating sea life and the usually clear waters make for excellent viewing. The country abounds with sub-tropical reefs, wrecks, clear water springs and alpine fiords. If you are looking for a rich variety of scuba diving experiences then it's time you were diving NZ.


With over 15,000km of coastline, New Zealand's pristine coastal waters promise a blissful holiday for those who seek time-out on the water. And what better place to sail but the former home of the Americas Cup! Come and discover our beautiful country from a unique offshore perspective – the island-studded bays, tranquil and secluded inlets and the meandering drowned valleys of the sounds and fiords in the South Island.

Surfing in New Zealand

Deep in the Southern Ocean, situated in the temperate latitudes between 35 and 50 degrees south, New Zealand is part of a weather cycle in which warm, low pressure air from the equator meets cold, high-pressure air from the South Pole. This is known as the Roaring Forties, westerly winds which have constant and high speeds. Consequently New Zealand feels the full force of the Roaring Forties and the swells that are forced to march up out of the deep. But that's not all, New Zealand can pick up swell from just about anywhere. Waves can be generated from the south, the east, the west and the north. This is why New Zealand has so many diverse surf spots, spread over the coastline of the two islands. Conditions vary and there are wave sizes to keep any surfer happy.

Mountain biking in New Zealands beautiful wilderness.

With an increasing number of specially designed mountain bike tracks, as well as many single and 4WD (four-wheel drive) tracks through beautiful native bush, New Zealand's hilly terrain makes it a fabulous mountain bike playground.

For the more adventurous rider, looking for a unique challenge, try alpine Heli Biking or cycle up one of the many firebreaks you'll see on New Zealand's steep hills!

Hiking in New Zealands diverse South Island

With around 30 percent of New Zealand's land area being officially protected with public access, there is no shortage of walking opportunities at all levels. Whether you are looking for shorter walks up to a day long or a multi-day track through remote high country, New Zealand has a lot to offer everyone from serious hiking enthusiasts to those just out for a stroll.

The best kayaking in New Zealand is in Milford Sound

There is simply a wealth of kayaking and rafting activities accessible from New Zealand's beaches, lakes and rivers.

Playing golf at new Zealands premier resort

With our magnificently designed golf courses, often nestled within the breathtaking panorama of snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests and seascapes, New Zealand's golf locations are increasingly popular.

Horse Treks
Horse Riding in New Zealand

Whether you’re exploring a gold mining river, a wilderness beach, lush native forest or crossing an alpine pass, New Zealand’s pristine beauty tends to transport your mind back to the pioneering days. Trekking on horseback, as the early settlers did, is very much in harmony with the feel and pace of our landscapes.

Food & Wine
Couple enjoying one of New Zealands premier wines

New Zealand has long been famed for its stunning, unspoiled landscape. Equal to the international acclaim for its beauty is that for its fine wines. Climate, geography and human skill have combined to produce highly distinctive, premium quality wines, which are ‘the riches of a clean, green land.’

Snowsports in New Zealand

New Zealand, with our reverse season to the Northern Hemisphere, is well recognised as an international ski destination. With a diverse range of options from commercial, Nordic cross-country, club fields and heli-skiing, visitors to New Zealand find the variety staggering, the terrain spectacular and the queues comparatively short.

Waitomo Lost World in New Zealand

From deep caving systems to beautiful limestone formations, New Zealand has underground adventures for all interests and cavers of all levels.

White Water Rafting in New Zealand

There is a good reason New Zealand is well known for it's adventure activities. Us Kiwis just can't get enough of it. And when "Godzone" is your backyard, you just have to get out there an enjoy it.